Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

So, I found some sites, thanks to Lummy. I put them on the right hand side of the page so I don't forget about them.

Someone asked me why I still read those game sites when I don't play any of them anymore. I answered that for some unknown reason, they still interest me. Maybe someday there will be something that really catches my attention.

I did check out the Tabula Rasa site the other day and that seemed somewhat interesting to me. I particularly like their logo which looks similar to the Battleblade of BV. I want to check out more of that in the near future, but without Cable, I most likely will stay in my cubby hole out here in the country for awhile.

New Years Eve went well! People were dancing and singing, and for once I got to say "I told you so" to those folks that said we can't have a party in the country on New Years.

This year I predict there will be some new game releases, and there may be a closure or two. I will let you know how I do on these predictions at the end of the year.

Tell everyone Fear says HEY! Talk at ya later...