Thursday, June 25, 2009

Siege Engines FTW!

On my WoW server it is very comon for the Horde to have Tenacity when fighting for control of Wintergrasp. This gives us a bit of a boost in combat because well, we are usually outnumbered 2-1.

There is also some sort of ranking system going on now which I assume makes vehicles stronger depending on your rank or something. I know I probably should look this stuff up, but I am still lazy and shiftless. Anyway, there has been some changes that make the players happy about running in vehicles now.

Typically I try to defend the towers when I run WG because the lag is something terrible when there are 40 plus Allies trying to kill me. Today however, was a different story.

I tried to defend the towers, but Alliance had their ducks in a row today. There was no stopping them from destroying our towers and the time we had available for getting the fortress would drop dramatically. I was forced to just grab a siege vehicle and go for the fortress that the Allies were defending. The funny part about it was that when I got in the vehicle, my camera wouldn't go out far enough so I could see. Someone jumped in the vehicle with me, so I felt like I had to just go for it without the ability of sight, with the exception of around the edges of this huge machine and the mini map.

So, I start following the rest of the siege machines and we get to the fortress. I am pounding the "1" button which tries to push through walls and people with force. We got through the first wall, and another one. We go through the last wall, and I am a little confused because usually the Allies don't let me get this far. I made it to the main chamber door and started slamming it with my vehicle. Suddenly the Allies decided they had enough and destroyed my vehicle. I was forced out and just started firing at anyone that was in range. I stayed alive there for quite some time.

I am not sure if there was a few healers around or what, but all of a sudden, the relic or the item that you must touch to win was visible to me. I just ran to it, and I got it! I mean like I have never even been anywhere near that thing ever, and today I actually made it in and touched the relic.

I of course found this to be completely cool. My guild wasn't as excited, but Hazmat gets so many acheivements, she probably secretly makes them sick. Afterwards we got into a 10 man VOA and actually finished both bosses! First time ever for that as well. Normally half the group will leave on a wipe. Today we didn't wipe, and I got a bunch of those cool badges I have been wanting. I finally got Hazmat the "Superior" acheivement, with all purples in slots with at least a "213" rating, I think.

So, maybe today was just my lucky day. I picked up my Black War Mammoth the other day. People seem to like that when I come rolling into a BG with one of those big suckers. They don't work all that well in the city, but outside, they are great fun and make you feel all tall and whatnot.

I have also been running a couple of new friends through the game, and even though it is kind of boring, I do enjoy teaching them how to play. Gives me some idea of how much I actually know about this crazy game.

Anyway, that's it for now. I just wanted to remember this day. I don't know if I will ever see that relic again...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh And By The Way, Grow Up!

I was reading the latest drama post from Lum about Brad McQuaid returning to the industry after a long vacation and some dirt bike riding. After reading his page and the comments I saw on some of the sites covering this incredibly boring news, I came up with one thought. Grow Up...

Brad's vision as bad as it was, does not make enough of a dent in my mind to blame him for the entire MMOG industry failure and thousands of personal lives he supposedly destroyed in the process. Hey, the guy made some games, I didn't like any of em, but if you got fired from his project and have another job, then shut up. If you got fired and you still don't have a job, pick another career and move on. I am just getting tired of all the whining years later. I have been fired too, and believe me I hate to see it happen, but it does, so just get another job, leave Brad alone, have a coke and a smile. I won't play his games, but I don't need to bash the man into oblivion over it.


Something Strange Is Afoot At The Circle K...

The last patch Blizz put out must have given the Warlocks a long overdue shot in the arm. Suddenly there are no DK's in the Battle Grounds, but Warlocks are out in large numbers decimating the landscape. What happened? I don't know but PvPers are up in arms about the new changes to Warlocks.

Speaking about PvP, what the hell is wrong with all these honor farming idiots? It is getting harder to have a game of Capture The Flag when everyone just stands around the middle and kills each other. I was really pissed one night when I personally grabbed and ran with the flag 10 times and no one on the Horde side would help out. When the battle was over, which we lost, The Horde fighters had accumulated a ton of honor above what I had done, but I did the most work to actually winning the game. There needs to be more incentive to carry the flag and protect it then there should be for just kills. There are plenty of BG's where you can and should just kill people, but Warsong Gulch is not one of them.

I guess I should just break out my warlock and upgrade my S2 gear before they put us back in the closet again.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Remember Where You Came From...

Just a little reminder to myself, that there is a lot of things I may never do in my life, but I was there when the big boys got started. WoW, of course is now lead in the design department by my man Tom Chilton, formerly known as Evocare, who used to do audio shows along with myself and my main man Pete Warner, formerly known as Adrick. Pete is currently working on another soon to be huge hit, Star Wars: The Old Republic. I am so happy for these guys.

Check around, people talk about these games, and I will probably never be mentioned for having anything to do with any of it, but I know where they came from and I am proud of the things we did ten years ago.

Here is the latest from Tobold on SWTOR...

The world would not be complete without the latest WoW drama from Lummy...

Good luck fellas!

Okay Scratch That, Reverse It...

So, I am still fishing and rep grinding for the Kalua'ak or some tribe of Walrus that like to fish and have this really cool fishin' pole that I can get. I made a comment about fishing up monsters the other day, but I have changed my mind. They already have this. It's just that the monsters are already there. In UO, there weren't always hazards around and you had to spawn them by fishing. In WoW, there are plenty of dangerous places to fish including Wintergrasp, which I do fish there to get Terrorfish. Still, I think there is a lot left that can be done for fishing. It takes an incredibly long time to level fishing. Way more then most other professions I have tried. I maxxed herbs in 2 days and Alchemy in about 4 days, but that's because I didn't have enough money to just buy the skill all the way up. I think they are making some attempts to do something with the most mind numbing profession, but more dailies or something to motivate you even more still needs to be addressed.

Hazmat is getting a pretty good rep in BG's lately. Me and Warsong Gultch have had some fun. I keep getting achievements like killing over 100 flag carriers. Which made me realize, I am really aggressive towards those guys. I always hear comments about how I am doing good and chasing those guys (Enemy Flag Carriers aka EFC) until their team gets mad at me and plows me into the planet. I love it when they gang up on me cause I know I made em mad. One guy was so kind as to emote stuff to me about mourning my death and I made sure that the only name he saw in his attack frame the rest of the game was Hazmat! I enjoyed making him suffer, but that's just how I roll... Some idiot from Mal-Ganis was bragging how he was going to ironman the flag because no one could get it and I ran in there and waxed the healer so he could do it. He still bragged how he did it, but did include me as a small help. I laughed.

Anyway, let's see what can I complain about... Blizz had to do several restarts again on this small patch that dumbed down the DK's yet again. No problem though, I am still kicking some hiney and liking it. I still think Paladins are a bit of an issue. Those guys are so hard to kill and I can't figure out what the hell makes them stay alive so long. Any pointers on breaking them into powder would be appreciated.

That's it for now...