Thursday, June 25, 2009

Siege Engines FTW!

On my WoW server it is very comon for the Horde to have Tenacity when fighting for control of Wintergrasp. This gives us a bit of a boost in combat because well, we are usually outnumbered 2-1.

There is also some sort of ranking system going on now which I assume makes vehicles stronger depending on your rank or something. I know I probably should look this stuff up, but I am still lazy and shiftless. Anyway, there has been some changes that make the players happy about running in vehicles now.

Typically I try to defend the towers when I run WG because the lag is something terrible when there are 40 plus Allies trying to kill me. Today however, was a different story.

I tried to defend the towers, but Alliance had their ducks in a row today. There was no stopping them from destroying our towers and the time we had available for getting the fortress would drop dramatically. I was forced to just grab a siege vehicle and go for the fortress that the Allies were defending. The funny part about it was that when I got in the vehicle, my camera wouldn't go out far enough so I could see. Someone jumped in the vehicle with me, so I felt like I had to just go for it without the ability of sight, with the exception of around the edges of this huge machine and the mini map.

So, I start following the rest of the siege machines and we get to the fortress. I am pounding the "1" button which tries to push through walls and people with force. We got through the first wall, and another one. We go through the last wall, and I am a little confused because usually the Allies don't let me get this far. I made it to the main chamber door and started slamming it with my vehicle. Suddenly the Allies decided they had enough and destroyed my vehicle. I was forced out and just started firing at anyone that was in range. I stayed alive there for quite some time.

I am not sure if there was a few healers around or what, but all of a sudden, the relic or the item that you must touch to win was visible to me. I just ran to it, and I got it! I mean like I have never even been anywhere near that thing ever, and today I actually made it in and touched the relic.

I of course found this to be completely cool. My guild wasn't as excited, but Hazmat gets so many acheivements, she probably secretly makes them sick. Afterwards we got into a 10 man VOA and actually finished both bosses! First time ever for that as well. Normally half the group will leave on a wipe. Today we didn't wipe, and I got a bunch of those cool badges I have been wanting. I finally got Hazmat the "Superior" acheivement, with all purples in slots with at least a "213" rating, I think.

So, maybe today was just my lucky day. I picked up my Black War Mammoth the other day. People seem to like that when I come rolling into a BG with one of those big suckers. They don't work all that well in the city, but outside, they are great fun and make you feel all tall and whatnot.

I have also been running a couple of new friends through the game, and even though it is kind of boring, I do enjoy teaching them how to play. Gives me some idea of how much I actually know about this crazy game.

Anyway, that's it for now. I just wanted to remember this day. I don't know if I will ever see that relic again...

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