Friday, September 25, 2009


Wow... Looks like I have been too busy to write for some time here. The new Pallys are coming along and I have been working on a Feral Druid for a couple of weeks that I am enjoying somewhat.

It is such a different kind of character that it is a little harder to master then some of my other characters. I do PvP with all my lowbies now, and I have had some fun in BG's even without a mount. I am amazed at how fast the ques are for low level combat. I did seem to like the 19 bracket better then the 29 just because it is much less complicated and the gear is fairly easy to obtain through the AH or whatever. People all seem to know exactly what you need and have no problems letting you know that your gear is not quite up to lowbie par.

Patch day this week was again riddled with issues. You wouldn't know it looking from the outside, but once you log in, you can see the "top secret" notes that they allow you to see while asking you to be patient that there are problems they are addressing. I personally didn't experience too much of the issues, except for some crazy lag at one point. I didn't play that much on Tuesday, but they were still working on it Wednesday.

Anyway, I haven't had too much to bitch about lately, so I guess that is why I have been so quiet. I am sure I had some ideas about writing something, but I don't recall them at this time.

That's all I have for now. See ya in game!