Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays and my last update for 2008....

Well, I am not 100% positive that it will be the last update, but since I only made one other update in December, I am going with the odds.

So, I decided to do some catching up on the outside world today and realized that I have had a pretty good year. With the exception of my Mom passing away, I haven't totally gone broke or insane, and I haven't been arrested! Hey, that's a plus! I have been blessed with many different things and many new friends, and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped in reality or spirit to get me back on a positive track.

So, I have this blog for a couple of reasons. One is that even though BV is not the booming PK network of days past, people still try to find me here. Well, everyone except Evocare and Adrick, which are both now sucked into the vortex of silence for Fear someone might learn something they aren't supposed to. The other reason, is that I still love to talk to myself in the hopes that there may be others out there that struggle with these very same questions. Maybe together, we can find our own path to glory.

I know there are still a lot of old UO people out there scanning this page to see if one day I might resend my terrible descision of leaving UO in any form, and moving on to something new. Well, as much as I hate to say it. I like WoW, and probably won't be leaving anytime soon.

So, I want to start off my last update with some questions about WoW that have been puzzling me. If you know the answer, please feel free to leave a comment.

1. There is a Hordie in Eastern Plaguelands named Georgia. I have attacked her as Aliance and she poped me like a zit with two huge demons. What is her purpose?

2. Why do some female Orc PC's sound like a guy?

3. Why do they keep making more and more factions that you need reputation with? At this point how many of those factions are even viable anymore?

4. Is it just me or does getting past level 72 seem like the slowest ride ever?

5. Are my quest items for the Warlock epic mount all worthless now?

6. Why don't the Hordies auction as much crap as the Alliance? Or, Why does the Alliance have all the money and the Horde have all the power? I think I can answer that.

7. Why don't the Blood Elf females do that ghey little jumping dance like their Dark Elf counterparts?

8. Is there some reason all Horde strongholds have to be so confusing with twists and levels? I can't find my way around anything in Org.

9. Why do they give you Nexus quests at level 70, when you can't even go through the door until 74?

10. When will there be housing in WoW?

Okay, so those are my burning questions, now to move on to status.

I am still running my Alliance Warlock at level 72. Stopped there because I wanted to try the DK for awhile. I did get someone to put me into a BG from Dalaran, so I have my new base of operations when I am ready to return her to active duty. I also have tons of rested exp now, so getting her up in levels should be quite a bit faster.

My DK is also level 72. I have been playing that DK like there is no other thing important in my life. I got some new blues from questing at this point, and still believe strongly that my DK is tougher then my Warlock. However, the Warlock is a clothy and it is sort of an unfair comparison, but my DK can heal fairly effectively and survive some seriously nasty encounters by several combatants. No scaring them away either, this DK will actually get stronger and heal better by fighting harder.

I really like the Death Knights. I see a lot of them around, and sometimes we even group up, but for the most part that is not needed. We are all pretty self sufficient with our goulish pets, blood worms, and dancing swords, we can do just about anything.

Anyway, that's it for now ya'll. Please be safe and have a great holiday! If I don't catch you before the new year, then enjoy and be safe for that one too!

Take care!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Beat Me, Whip Me.... Ooohhh!

I was reading this article and a couple of hundred comments...

Yes, all of my characters are evil, so I don't mind the "Torture" quests. Yes, as a person, I thought they were bad. I even got a funny feeling about doing them.

The thing is, no matter what cookie they offer you at the end of the quest chain, it won't be worth anything at level 80... Please skip those quests if the offend you so terribly.

On the other hand, I don't think those types of quests are needed in the game, however, if we are going to question morality, then there are a whole bunch of areas we could fuss about. One example would be the Warlock Succubus, who exclaims serveral questionable comments during the course of her use. My GF, said that she wouldn't even let the kids have that pet.

I don't know if a line has been crossed, but there are so many refrences to questionable things and of course there is supposed to be humor there. I can see many things being offensive to other people, that I take as being funny or cute.

Thanks, move along.

Best Commercial Evar!