Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Patch Comming! Everyone Strap Yourselves Down!

Not a lot new to report except I am looking forward to some of the changes in the next "major" content patch. Mostly there are some fixes for things that were bothering me. Herbalism healing will be better, which is good, and there are some new Battleground changes and a new BG which will give me something more to do.

I still haven't read anything about actually getting to fight the Lich King yet. I wonder if these guys realize that when you make a release with the guys name in it, you might outta actually, ya know, put the guy in the game to fight at the end? It feels like we have been cheated and for what? So, we can wipe our selves silly in Uldar until we are so frustrated you will throw another impossible bone in our faces?

I don't know about the rest of you, but all those millions of people playing must be a little less then pleased that we can't go smack the king in his virtual eye by now.

Hazmat is mostly fully geared with purple stuff, so I have been working more with Mydnight. It is a long process, one I would like to be done with ASAP. I guess the new gear will now be even "harder" to get since they are going to restrict you from doing 2v2 only to get the fancy gear. I guess this means I will just have to stay out of season.

The badge changes for conquest are good. I hate having to use all different types of currency to get what I want. Eveything should have options and I should be able to trade one type of currency for another. I should still be able to get what I want even if it means I have to spend more time doing it.

Anyway, all is cool right now. I suppose the patch will release next Tuesday, but I am not positive. Again, too lazy to go find out, but I know it is on the way. =)


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Changing sides FTW!

I had a pretty well done reponse on this topic over at Lummy's place, but it seems his comment links aren't working this morning so I will go from memory... (Ut Oh!)

Blizzard is coming up with a new way for us to pay more money and be able to change sides from Alliance or Horde.

Really not a bad idea. I think for those of us that have been playing one side for a while and decide that we really needed to be on the other side, this allows that. I can't complain a whole bunch about the microtransactions as I have used them to perform a name change and whatnot. I always wanted to be able to move to another realm or play with different groups, and now that is possible in WoW. In UO, once you were made on a server, that was it. No moving to play with other friends or anything like that. Name changes, gender changes, or any other changes for that matter were out of the question.

Personally, I like the fact we can't speak in BG's... There are a lot less "Rape" comments being made and to be perfectly honest, since the other team can emote things to you anyway, I think we have that area covered.

Your own team mates are more abusive in BG's then I think even the enemy would be. Comments about your performance or how this side or that side always wins, and the constant crying about who's strategy is better and why should we listen to this guy or that guy etc... It's terrible to even have the chat channel loaded, and I bet many people just turn it off. In any event, we don't need to chat in BG's, we are there to kill each other. No comments are needed.

I would like to see commerce, speech to chosen friends, email, and even guilding between factions outside of BG's. I think the early game lended its self to keeping things separated, but as the game has gotten more seasoned, we have learned that to destroy all this evil, we need to work together. I think there should be a way for us to do that.

Right now you can't even buy your own auctions in the common trade Auction House to help your own characters with gold or items. I find this to be most disturbing. You have to go through a completely separate account to even help yourself out if you happen to play both sides like I do. This makes me less then happy, and I can only hope that Blizz will continue to explore this area and some day make all things possible for those of us that choose to use them.

Well, that's all I got for now. Check ya laters!