Saturday, December 23, 2006

Night to Fear's Bishop... Checkmate!

Did that make sense to you? okay.... Amber posted a retraction to her comment about precasting on her site... However, I accidently double posted a comment there, so I am probably banned already. Ahh well... So much for playing chess on the Net. Once a grief PK, always a grief PK I am told...

I have found out a few things, like Amber is from Colorado, which makes her cool like me. However, she moved and missed this last snow storm, so that lowers her coolness level a bit.

She also likes Strong Bad, which I normally recommend on my site, but since I am too lazy to update the layout here, you will have to use the link provided in this post. She also selected "All Star" by Smashmouth as her opening story line, which adds some cool back into her profile. We will keep you informed as to more cool ratings.

Oh, and there is this really nasty "grinch-type" fellow named Hunter commenting on her site. I figure it was an e-harmony gone bad or ex-mate type situation, but I leave the exact description up to the masses...

My comment to Amber about the precasting sitch is as follows

Fear Says: December 23rd, 2006 at 12:32 am

Amber must have turned Hunter down for a date or something. I haven’t seen that much *hate* since Adrick and I took on the Lummies over statloss for Player Killers (Reds) in Ultima Online.
Is statloss one word or two? Keep posting funny interviews k-thx!
Thanks for the retraction, I will tell my lawyers to chill out and stop leaving you voice mails.

Okay, I am off to see a man about a tree for Raph! Have a happy holiday weekend everyone!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Microtransactions to Preserve The Pretentiousness Quotient!

As seen over at, Raph has apparently started his reign of terror by doing an interview with none other than.... Amber Night? I dunno, I suppose I could read her bio and find out exactly what she does, but that would require me to do "research" and we know I can't be doing all that whilst I am working on Karaoke stuff. It is obviously someone with much more clout in the industry then I have these days. Although, she doesn't have an audio interview with Raph, and I do SO THERE! So what if it's from 1998? It still counts!

Amber also has this news about Areae prior to the Raph Interview. She has a misquote on her blog dated "Tuesday, December 19th, 2006 at 5:34 am" about Amber's "Top 6 ways in Which Areae Inc's upcoming title, Tertio Life, Will Be Completely Different From Second Life. (Yes, 6. Because nobody does Top 6 lists, and that makes me special.)" Number one is "1. Two words: Precasting. You heard it here first." and I have to contest this comment as I clearly brought the precasting information to the public eye at Lum's site on December 16th!

Fear of BV 17-Dec-06 at 5:31 am Permalink
OMG, what next? Broken Gamez dot Org featuring Scott?
Good luck Raph, plz bring back pre-casting beotch! k-thx

Hopefully, there will be a retraction to Amber's statement as well, or I may need to introduce her to Mersault and his band of Internet Identity thieves! Be sure to pick the Medium_Blue appearance to get the full effect. Did you notice, that Amber and I blog about the same time of day? *Wonders if anyone will accuse us of blogging together*

Oh, and um Raph? Please stop talking about Areae in the third person... You know that Areae = Raph Koster now right?

Anyway, for those of you that are too jaded or silly to realize that this [AN] interview is quite humorus, then I am telling you now... It's funny! The only true parts in the whole interview are where Raph admits to doing Microtransactions to Preserve The Pretentiousness Quotient... That is completely true, and then there is the part about the name of his company which I can't even begin to pronounce, so I am not even going to include it in any future audio programs I may create. Raph was also quoted as saying "RK: On occasion they ask me about it, but then I dazzle them with doubletalk" when asked the question "AN: On your website you mention that “we’ve got a cool world or two incubating on the back burner.” Does it make your investors nervous that you don’t know exactly how many worlds you have?". That is likely going to be the comment of the century, and Lum pointed it out, so you know it MUST be true! Again, I am kidding... Notice how I reversed the question and answer to annoy the general public? I have a true talent for blog publishing. We all know Raph is sitting on a couple of copies of UO2 and whatever else he may have conjured up while working for Sony. I can only imagine the collection of started projects Raph has sitting in his closet.

I was getting bored, and I decided to do a little recreational blogging for the children. (You are the children) All one of you! Hi Meursalt! See anything you want to steal? Please feel free to take what you need! I don't mind.... REALLY! Go ahead... erm... Okay, I am just kidding. Please stop stealing, and start giving me something. Money! Money is good, gimme some pls kthx!

You guys wouldn't believe how much snow we have out there. My dad dug out the driveway with his tractor. This is a big John Deere tractor, with a scoop and everything. He got it stuck in the 5 foot drifts a couple of times, so I had to pull him out with his truck, but that was pretty fun. I should have taken some pics of the trashcans. The trash is all still in the cans, but you can only see the tops of the cans in the snow bank. Pretty darn funny if you ask me.

Okay.. Back to work! *whip sound effect here*

Hey Amber! Why not interview a true MMOG icon like FEAR!!!???

I bet I can get Amber to do my next "Love that Fear" commercial!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snow Day!

So, we are snowed in big time in Strasburg today. I-70 is closed and all three of the stores in this town are sealed tighter then the International Space Station. So, I guess I can make time for another blissfull blog update.

Chewy makes me laugh. Thanks to Scott for the comedy of the week. I suppose most folks are too busy talking about the topic of the day [RMT] but I would like to move on to something more important like.... Me...

I talked to the Wiff last night only to realize once again that we were not meant to be together. Not only did I lose 3 hours of my life that I can't get back. Not a good prospect for reconcile as far as I am concerned. It was funny to hear how my myspace page was actually a dating site for me to catch all those underaged women. All of which are related to me, but hey... Get er done right?

My wife has this thing about talking to my last ex-girlfriend who was at least IMHO 3 times (3X) crazier then the wife. Not only does the wife know the Ex is crazy, but she believes what the crazy person has to say about EVERYTHING. It makes things difficult, but my comment was to tell my Ex to get a life and MOVE ON, for the love of all that is holy...

So, the wife offered to give me my stuff again, and offered to give me some gigs for New Years and all the same stuff I am always offered as a way to get me back home. I am just not in the mood to deal with her, so I think I will just resume my stay in exile and keep my distance from her and the drama crew.

Enjoy the snow day, if you happen to live in Colorado anyway...

Monday, December 18, 2006

My dog is a Crack addict! & Raph makes the world go round, Part II...

So, I have been busy lately, and neglecting the general populace again... Anyway for those of you that are still hanging on to the hope that one day the world may be playable again... Apparently Raph Koster, you know, the GOD of UO back in the day has finally got off his duff and made a company of his very own. The story I found over at, but anyway, Raph has teamed up with some heavy hittin brotha's from other parts of the MMOG universe and is beginning his decent into the MMOG Matrix on his own terms.

Believe it or not, Raph supported many of the ideals we had in mind back in the UO days, and maybe now that he has it his way, we can see some good. Of course, he was also against "Grief" which puts most of you freaks out in the cold, but the idea of player-justice and many other really good ideas are hopefully still in his mind going forward.

Well, I got a promo DJ gig tomorrow (Monday) night. I finally talked these guys in the sticks into seeing a real DJ in action... No, I don't mean Paul Oakenfold, I meant me... Anyway, I am doing that, and things in my sorry life are looking up. I am still hanging with the folks, but with the day job and now the possibility of DJing again, I am quite happy. Mom is doing okay, and the puppy..... Oh.. I got to tell you about the puppy....

So, I get up the other morning, and my sister, who is also now staying at home for a bit... (What a disfunctional family, more on that later)... was making my Mom and I some breakfast. So, we are getting ready to eat, and my Mom had let all the dogs outside for their morning stroll... (Poop, or whatever). When Mom let them (5 Chiwawa, and 1 Golden Lab) back inside, the baby (6 month old Chiwawa that weighs less then 2 pounds wet) had found and sampled one of my
Mother's expired pain patches. (Mom takes pain meds in the form of a patch like the one to stop smoking, to help with the Cancer) So, the baby (Candy) takes a lick of one of these old patches that somehow made its way out of the trash, and drops like a rock in the middle of the living room floor.

Spread-eagle and eyes drooping closed, Mom picks up Candy and tells me there is something wrong with her. Mom hands Candy to me, and I could tell immediately that this chick was not feeling well, and possibly on the way to death. I grabbed my coat and keys and started heading to the door. Mom kept saying that we need to call the vet first, and I told her, we will call them when we get there. I got out there, shaking Candy the whole time to keep her awake, and then handed her off to Mom while I drove into town to see the vet. I was speeding and Mom was worried about me getting a ticket. I told her I didn't care and speeded down the dirt road to town at a speed I can't disclose to the general public. I figured screw that, if they want me, they will have to get me at the vet's office.

We make it to town in record time and take Candy inside to be checked out by the vet. The lady at the counter was very nice, but got hung up on the fact that Candy's name was spelled wrong in the computer and kept wanting to fix it. In the mene time, Candy's toungue is sticking out and she lost control of her bowel movements. Mom was kind enough to try and catch the droppings in her hand, but the lady at the counter was pissing me off over the name correction. I told her that she could fix that later, she just needs to get this dog looked at NOW. I think I said something like, "You can call the damn dog Freddy if you want, but please just take her in the back now!" Anyway, the lady complied and Candy went back to get checked.

My sister and I raced home to find the missing patch, and we did just in time for the largest dog KJ to also find it and try to take a taste. Fortunately his big ass isn't as easilly drugged as Candy, and we retrieved the patch. We gave all of the information to the vet and they were able to administer an anti-drug to get Candy back to the real world again.

It is funnier when I tell it in person, but basically, my dog is now a Crack Bitch and has tried to sniff my Mother's back on a few occasions since the incident occured. We have been feeding her Morphiene free dog food, but Candy is likely to be in rehab for her drug habbit. ;)

Candy is back to normal now, and I have a picture of Candy on my phone that I use to make people feel happy when things aren't going well in their lives.

Well, wish me luck on my promo show tomorrow nite! I am excited to get back into the groove DJing for cash.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Leggo my ego...

I just had nothing really interesting to say, so I selected a strange Title.

So the boys at Blather are pissed because I let them all down, and I am teh suck etc... Okay, now that this topic is covered, I can resume my second coming! Someone mentioned I only make bi-yearly posts, but I am sure that I actually made much less then that in the last couple of years.

I got a new 300 Gig drive the other day and loaded it with all of my goodies. Man, that sucker is fast. It is a Maxtor, but it was the cheapest one that I could get at the time. I like it so far, and I am sure I will enjoy cleaning up 7,000 mp3 files to get them ready for my return to DJ...

So, I tried Eve the other night... Well sorta. I installed this huge 500 meg file and then I couldn't read some of the menu options and stuff so I have to go through Tech-support and the forums to figure out what I can do to actually "play" the game. I always love those MMOG's that need 15 hours to install and support to you know "play" the game.

I am ramping up my business again, so I may be a little less then talkitive for a week or so. Not that I am all that wordy these days anyway, but I do hate gold farming!

Scott has some good stuff to read on his site, so go there and bother him for a bit.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Passing around the Love...

Oh yea! I am having some real fun this week. I stumbled accross another BV Follower trying to jack one or more of the original BV forums under a similar name. This time is is BV-Offline, ran by some dude going by Meursault and his partner in crime Leon. It seems to me that Someone had another bright idea and Meursault helped put it all in a nice shinny wrapper.

I find this kind of worship to be most appealing, much so when they even plagiarised the artwork for BV and once again attempted to set up a domain close to BV's called At first I found it to be cute, but then someone named Haze came along and reminded about the last attempt that was made to snag the true BV community out from under the rug... Anyone remember Well, I do, and it is these sick minds that make the Internet a dirty place.

I had to drop my IQ a few hundred points to tell them how much I miss them, but I gave them some love on their very own stolen forum... Ahh well, I can't blame them for wanting to be like BV, but some of those guys need to LET GO of the past and MOVE ON... Sheesh guys, you get banned once or twice and you lose your flippin' minds! ;)

So, to update on the IRL sitch... I don't know how, but I ran accross some ways to get my arse out of some of this mess. I was able to resolve the Karaoke equipment issue, the failing HDD issue and the wireless B issue on my laptop. I am now happily communicating on wireless G and not borrowing the neighbors bandwidth anymore! WOOOT!

I am going to get my license tomorrow afternoon and complete my equipment replacement. Then only thing left is what to do about Mrs. Fear... She's not easy to deal with, and I am affraid that she will only be worse when she finds out about me locating my amplifier at the music store.

Apparently, she took one of my amps in to have some channels repaired. They make a scratching noise when turning up the volume sometimes. She told me that she had taken it to another shop to get it fixed under her personal account, so I wouldn't try to get it back. Well, I walked into a different store, where I bought the amp, and there it was sitting on the floor with my name on it. I told them I would like to cancel the repair order, and take my amp home with me. Oops! Anyway, that was a load off my shoulders for sure.

I should be good to go by the end of the weekend if all goes well. If I can get a gig hooked up, I should be back in the saddle in no time. I found a guy that will work with me on getting a car set up too. I am just sitting back admiring my new accomplishments, and thanking Haze for reminding me to do just that!

Anyway, Thanks Haze, and all of you stealing bitches for making my life a better place to be then yours.


The Love Broker

Forums are available...

Okay, against my better judgement, I added some free forums that may work for now until or if Kelly decides she wants her own forums. So, for now, you can deal with these forums...

They are PHPBB which I am sure all of you have used at some point so enjoy!

I will try to build it up as I have time or feel like it, you guys (if any of you show up) can let me know what's missing. If any of the old mods show up and want to play around, please let me know. I have asked Kelly to re-instate the fear[at]battlevortex[dot]com address so you can contact me through that address.

If there are any complaints, please forward them to, thanks!

Another Company may be at Steak!!1!

And our dear friend Scott Jennings has more on that.

Oh, the things that make me laugh... I love the part about the Photoshop pics, but you just need to go look for yourself.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas List Part One...

Okay, I have been working on some Christmas items for all one of you reading this blog. Here are some things I need to replace. If you can afford them and want to give them to me for Christmas, then bless your PVP heart!

Best bang for the buck! - QSC PLX-3602 - PLX2 Series Stereo Power Amplifier - 775W per Channel into 8 Ohms

QSC PLX3402 Power Amplifier 700W x 2 and 2,200W bridged mono [both @ 8-ohms]

QSC PLX3002 Power Amplifier 550W x 2 and 2,000W bridged mono [both @ 8-ohms]

QSC RMX4050HD POWER AMPLIFIER Stereo Mode Power Rating: 8 ohms: 800 watts, 4 ohms: 1300 watts, 2 ohms: 1600 watts Bridged Mono Power Rating: 8 ohms: 2600 watts, 4 ohms: 4000 watts (4 Space rack mount) Takes up a lot of space, and only 25 watts more then PLX-3602.
(All of the power amps are $700-$1000ish) Best buys are on ebay...

I need two of these: AKG D880M Dynamic Neodymium Supercardioid Handheld Microphone (These are what I had before, and haven't received back yet)
Or these: AKG D 9000 High Performance Microphone Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Not the greatest but 2 for one, you can't go wrong!)

3 of these: Planet Waves Swivel Mic Cable XLR (Male) XLR (Female) 30 foot preferred.

I need 2, 12 gauge, 50 foot, nutrix to nutrix speaker wires. These are about $50.00 each.

I also need a couple of external hard drives. Preferably Western Digital or Seagate. 300-500 gigs would be more then enough. I always wanted a teribyte drive, but that will have to wait a minute.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Now I remember...

I remember why I left the Internet for so long. 8 million passwords and login names to remember yech!

So, in my continuing saga of hate for getting re-married, I thought I would wax about how screwed up things are in Fear's World.

First off, I "lost" my cell phone that had all of my contacts. Not just one, but two phones mysteriously dissapeared after I had to attempt to get some of my contacts back the second time. Now, I can't find diddly for contacts, and it is my fault because I got lazy and stopped making backups. Not only that but the old backups I had from the old days have mysteriously vanished as well.

Okay, so my laptop has been returned! Yea! Unfortunately all of the data that I had stored for the last couple of years is "missing", but I should be happy I got the machine back right? I was fortunate enough to have a few hidden backups of some more critical files, so it isn't a total loss. I had some account information and a few other files I lost, but for the most part I am well on my way to "TAXI TO VICTORY!"

I live in what most folks call "The Sticks" here in CO, and they just started getting DSL service... Good stuff right? Almost... My dad decided to install the latest security on his DSL/Router (Sweet Router with Modem all-in-one), and my laptop has an on-board wireless (B) card that doesn't recognize the newer encription. Option 1: switch the router to WEP? Nope, Dad likes it the way it is. Option 2: Buy a PCMCIA card with wireless (G). Great Idea! I just need the money and my current job is only 1.5 days a week at almost minimum wage... This might take awhile. Option 3: Go plug the laptop into the router. The only downsides to that are that the router is in the basement, I am lazy, and it is cold down there. No more sitting in my bed (couch in the living room) and playing on the Net if I do that. Option 4: Connect my Linksys to the DSL router and set up WEP encription for wireless. Great idea too, but my router is not powering on for some reason. I have tried to reset, change outlets, and shake it. None of these have brought me closer to a solution. The upside is that there is an unencripted router out there at one of the neighbors house. So, I do get access to the Internet when the signal is going in my direction. It actually works most of the time, but too unreliable for anything serious.

I have reinstalled and set up accounts for many of my favorite activities on the Net. I have even started producing new artwork for Karaoke stuff and found some really neat archived files on CD to play with. I also got both of my PDA's working again, although I don't have much use for them at the moment.

My external hard disk drive is starting to fail, and the estranged wife has the backup drive plus the other 2 computers I had specially built for Karaoke. I mentioned this drive failure to her, and she said "I know you will think of something." I was like erm, yea, give me my 120 gig drive and the other two computers with 200 gig drives and I will be fine. It sounded like I may never see my storage units again. These are of course the drives I keep all of my media files on for Karaoke, so I would be devistated if they were lost. Fortunately, my nephew has a 200 gig on his computer and was kind enough to let me borrow some space pending a new external hdd purchase.

My phone service doesn't work out here either. Although, I hope to be paying for that soon, my Dad is currently got me on the cheapest Cricket plan that has no hope of working out here or being changed to another service any time in the near future. I can still make calls on the family "land line", but with 7 people living under one roof, phone time becomes a privilege.

I did get a real job! So that is one thing going in my direction. I am only "on-call" at the moment, but I am confident that I will yield more shifts as I show them I am worth every penny they pay and then some. The manager knows I am grossly over qualified to do the current job, but I assured her I wasn't going anywhere until I got a car and my Karaoke equipment replaced. My friend Craig and most of my family would like to see me back in computers, and that may be a possibility some day. I would need a car for that too, so we will see what happens.

I have finally paid all of my fines and whatnot for the ticket that had my license under suspension. Actually, the ticket was for failure to yield my bright lights to oncomming traffic. A $10.00 lightbulb turned into a $70.00 ticket wich was "accidently" misplaced by the estranged wife, then turned into a $112.00 ticket and a suspension on my license. There was also a $60.00 reinstatement fee, and did I mention that my license also mysteriously went missing? Well, tack on another $16.00 for that plus a ride back down to DMV. I also picked up an ID while I was working on reinstating myself, so that is another $14.00. A grand total of $207.00 whoop!

What does all of this have to do with Shadowbane? Not a darn thing!!! I haven't been playing a whole lot, but I have been taking another serious look at what I have installed here on the laptop. I still have Never Winter Nights, UO The Second Age, and Black and White. Does this scream upgrade to you? I found a whole bunch of my online games like Earth and Beyond, EverQuest and like 4 expansion packs, Dark Age of Camelot, JumpGate... Kelly is trying to get me into that other space game Eve, which I really want to play. I just need to settle the Internet connectivity issue first.

Anyway, things are progressing slowly but somehow I think I will once again be able to dominate the universe with my L33t skillz. Well, maybe I should just concentrate on getting my arse out of the ringer first, who knows?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

There is always one smarta$$ in the crowd...

I found this cartoon to be quite funny... It is nice to see that even after years of being gone, my words can still be heard round the world. At least Lum, err Scott Jennings is not the only one with problems with identity on the Net.

The really sick part is that there are still people actually trying to load after it has been gone so long... You guys need therapy!

Speaking of therapy, I want to thank Kelly Kindred for keeping my web addresses in tact while I took a long break... Ahem, it wasn't easy to be away for so long. Even though BV is really Kelly's now, I felt some sort of spiritual responsibility to put the site up in some fashion for those of you sickos that still want to see something of the old school.

Kelly has offered to put my email back in tact, but I don't know if I want to do that. Fricken spam central email address it was. I know I am talking like Yoda, gimmie a break. I don't feel like being all proper today. ;)

Anyway, forums may be a possibility at some point, but I wouldn't go getting all excited just yet. That's up to Kelly too. She must love you guys. Poor girl.

Yea, Karaoke is still a thing for me. I went and got re-married... The life of BV, Internet, and Karaoke became my living hell. I am currently seperated from the wife, and things aren't looking all that great for me getting enough equipment back to do Karaoke for awhile. It just never gets anywhere positive in that relationship, and negotiations for reconsile and getting my stuff have been limited. Mostly, she doesn't want to give me my stuff back.

I need about $500.oo to $600.00 to get enough equipment to make up for what I didn't retrieve so far. That wont get me back where I was, but I would at least have enough to put one system back together. Believe it or not I am staying with my parents and have just started working a couple days a week to try and get some money to get my life back on track. It is not great money and I am totally over qualified, but they offered me a job and I took it. I pretty much lost everything I owned, yet I am still somewhat glad that I can come here and vent to all three of you. 2 vehicles, 1 condo, 2 Karaoke systems and all of my hard cd's all gone. Not to mention all of my personal stuff and the list just goes on and on.

Of course doing Karaoke shows will generate the money to pay that amount in a couple of weeks, but the job I have now may take me a couple of months to get the cash together. Any investors out there???

Anyway, enough of that for now. I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Please make it stop!!!

Well, I have returned to find myself getting back into the MMO Matrix. I found out last week that the original BV had been hacked and is apparently blackballed from being hosted.

I had some thoughts I wanted to share with myself, so here I am sharing.

Anyone know where the hell Raph put the taco sauce?