Saturday, December 23, 2006

Night to Fear's Bishop... Checkmate!

Did that make sense to you? okay.... Amber posted a retraction to her comment about precasting on her site... However, I accidently double posted a comment there, so I am probably banned already. Ahh well... So much for playing chess on the Net. Once a grief PK, always a grief PK I am told...

I have found out a few things, like Amber is from Colorado, which makes her cool like me. However, she moved and missed this last snow storm, so that lowers her coolness level a bit.

She also likes Strong Bad, which I normally recommend on my site, but since I am too lazy to update the layout here, you will have to use the link provided in this post. She also selected "All Star" by Smashmouth as her opening story line, which adds some cool back into her profile. We will keep you informed as to more cool ratings.

Oh, and there is this really nasty "grinch-type" fellow named Hunter commenting on her site. I figure it was an e-harmony gone bad or ex-mate type situation, but I leave the exact description up to the masses...

My comment to Amber about the precasting sitch is as follows

Fear Says: December 23rd, 2006 at 12:32 am

Amber must have turned Hunter down for a date or something. I haven’t seen that much *hate* since Adrick and I took on the Lummies over statloss for Player Killers (Reds) in Ultima Online.
Is statloss one word or two? Keep posting funny interviews k-thx!
Thanks for the retraction, I will tell my lawyers to chill out and stop leaving you voice mails.

Okay, I am off to see a man about a tree for Raph! Have a happy holiday weekend everyone!

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John said...

You just got memed.