Monday, December 18, 2006

My dog is a Crack addict! & Raph makes the world go round, Part II...

So, I have been busy lately, and neglecting the general populace again... Anyway for those of you that are still hanging on to the hope that one day the world may be playable again... Apparently Raph Koster, you know, the GOD of UO back in the day has finally got off his duff and made a company of his very own. The story I found over at, but anyway, Raph has teamed up with some heavy hittin brotha's from other parts of the MMOG universe and is beginning his decent into the MMOG Matrix on his own terms.

Believe it or not, Raph supported many of the ideals we had in mind back in the UO days, and maybe now that he has it his way, we can see some good. Of course, he was also against "Grief" which puts most of you freaks out in the cold, but the idea of player-justice and many other really good ideas are hopefully still in his mind going forward.

Well, I got a promo DJ gig tomorrow (Monday) night. I finally talked these guys in the sticks into seeing a real DJ in action... No, I don't mean Paul Oakenfold, I meant me... Anyway, I am doing that, and things in my sorry life are looking up. I am still hanging with the folks, but with the day job and now the possibility of DJing again, I am quite happy. Mom is doing okay, and the puppy..... Oh.. I got to tell you about the puppy....

So, I get up the other morning, and my sister, who is also now staying at home for a bit... (What a disfunctional family, more on that later)... was making my Mom and I some breakfast. So, we are getting ready to eat, and my Mom had let all the dogs outside for their morning stroll... (Poop, or whatever). When Mom let them (5 Chiwawa, and 1 Golden Lab) back inside, the baby (6 month old Chiwawa that weighs less then 2 pounds wet) had found and sampled one of my
Mother's expired pain patches. (Mom takes pain meds in the form of a patch like the one to stop smoking, to help with the Cancer) So, the baby (Candy) takes a lick of one of these old patches that somehow made its way out of the trash, and drops like a rock in the middle of the living room floor.

Spread-eagle and eyes drooping closed, Mom picks up Candy and tells me there is something wrong with her. Mom hands Candy to me, and I could tell immediately that this chick was not feeling well, and possibly on the way to death. I grabbed my coat and keys and started heading to the door. Mom kept saying that we need to call the vet first, and I told her, we will call them when we get there. I got out there, shaking Candy the whole time to keep her awake, and then handed her off to Mom while I drove into town to see the vet. I was speeding and Mom was worried about me getting a ticket. I told her I didn't care and speeded down the dirt road to town at a speed I can't disclose to the general public. I figured screw that, if they want me, they will have to get me at the vet's office.

We make it to town in record time and take Candy inside to be checked out by the vet. The lady at the counter was very nice, but got hung up on the fact that Candy's name was spelled wrong in the computer and kept wanting to fix it. In the mene time, Candy's toungue is sticking out and she lost control of her bowel movements. Mom was kind enough to try and catch the droppings in her hand, but the lady at the counter was pissing me off over the name correction. I told her that she could fix that later, she just needs to get this dog looked at NOW. I think I said something like, "You can call the damn dog Freddy if you want, but please just take her in the back now!" Anyway, the lady complied and Candy went back to get checked.

My sister and I raced home to find the missing patch, and we did just in time for the largest dog KJ to also find it and try to take a taste. Fortunately his big ass isn't as easilly drugged as Candy, and we retrieved the patch. We gave all of the information to the vet and they were able to administer an anti-drug to get Candy back to the real world again.

It is funnier when I tell it in person, but basically, my dog is now a Crack Bitch and has tried to sniff my Mother's back on a few occasions since the incident occured. We have been feeding her Morphiene free dog food, but Candy is likely to be in rehab for her drug habbit. ;)

Candy is back to normal now, and I have a picture of Candy on my phone that I use to make people feel happy when things aren't going well in their lives.

Well, wish me luck on my promo show tomorrow nite! I am excited to get back into the groove DJing for cash.

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