Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Leggo my ego...

I just had nothing really interesting to say, so I selected a strange Title.

So the boys at Blather are pissed because I let them all down, and I am teh suck etc... Okay, now that this topic is covered, I can resume my second coming! Someone mentioned I only make bi-yearly posts, but I am sure that I actually made much less then that in the last couple of years.

I got a new 300 Gig drive the other day and loaded it with all of my goodies. Man, that sucker is fast. It is a Maxtor, but it was the cheapest one that I could get at the time. I like it so far, and I am sure I will enjoy cleaning up 7,000 mp3 files to get them ready for my return to DJ...

So, I tried Eve the other night... Well sorta. I installed this huge 500 meg file and then I couldn't read some of the menu options and stuff so I have to go through Tech-support and the forums to figure out what I can do to actually "play" the game. I always love those MMOG's that need 15 hours to install and support to you know "play" the game.

I am ramping up my business again, so I may be a little less then talkitive for a week or so. Not that I am all that wordy these days anyway, but I do hate gold farming!

Scott has some good stuff to read on his site, so go there and bother him for a bit.

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