Friday, December 22, 2006

Microtransactions to Preserve The Pretentiousness Quotient!

As seen over at, Raph has apparently started his reign of terror by doing an interview with none other than.... Amber Night? I dunno, I suppose I could read her bio and find out exactly what she does, but that would require me to do "research" and we know I can't be doing all that whilst I am working on Karaoke stuff. It is obviously someone with much more clout in the industry then I have these days. Although, she doesn't have an audio interview with Raph, and I do SO THERE! So what if it's from 1998? It still counts!

Amber also has this news about Areae prior to the Raph Interview. She has a misquote on her blog dated "Tuesday, December 19th, 2006 at 5:34 am" about Amber's "Top 6 ways in Which Areae Inc's upcoming title, Tertio Life, Will Be Completely Different From Second Life. (Yes, 6. Because nobody does Top 6 lists, and that makes me special.)" Number one is "1. Two words: Precasting. You heard it here first." and I have to contest this comment as I clearly brought the precasting information to the public eye at Lum's site on December 16th!

Fear of BV 17-Dec-06 at 5:31 am Permalink
OMG, what next? Broken Gamez dot Org featuring Scott?
Good luck Raph, plz bring back pre-casting beotch! k-thx

Hopefully, there will be a retraction to Amber's statement as well, or I may need to introduce her to Mersault and his band of Internet Identity thieves! Be sure to pick the Medium_Blue appearance to get the full effect. Did you notice, that Amber and I blog about the same time of day? *Wonders if anyone will accuse us of blogging together*

Oh, and um Raph? Please stop talking about Areae in the third person... You know that Areae = Raph Koster now right?

Anyway, for those of you that are too jaded or silly to realize that this [AN] interview is quite humorus, then I am telling you now... It's funny! The only true parts in the whole interview are where Raph admits to doing Microtransactions to Preserve The Pretentiousness Quotient... That is completely true, and then there is the part about the name of his company which I can't even begin to pronounce, so I am not even going to include it in any future audio programs I may create. Raph was also quoted as saying "RK: On occasion they ask me about it, but then I dazzle them with doubletalk" when asked the question "AN: On your website you mention that “we’ve got a cool world or two incubating on the back burner.” Does it make your investors nervous that you don’t know exactly how many worlds you have?". That is likely going to be the comment of the century, and Lum pointed it out, so you know it MUST be true! Again, I am kidding... Notice how I reversed the question and answer to annoy the general public? I have a true talent for blog publishing. We all know Raph is sitting on a couple of copies of UO2 and whatever else he may have conjured up while working for Sony. I can only imagine the collection of started projects Raph has sitting in his closet.

I was getting bored, and I decided to do a little recreational blogging for the children. (You are the children) All one of you! Hi Meursalt! See anything you want to steal? Please feel free to take what you need! I don't mind.... REALLY! Go ahead... erm... Okay, I am just kidding. Please stop stealing, and start giving me something. Money! Money is good, gimme some pls kthx!

You guys wouldn't believe how much snow we have out there. My dad dug out the driveway with his tractor. This is a big John Deere tractor, with a scoop and everything. He got it stuck in the 5 foot drifts a couple of times, so I had to pull him out with his truck, but that was pretty fun. I should have taken some pics of the trashcans. The trash is all still in the cans, but you can only see the tops of the cans in the snow bank. Pretty darn funny if you ask me.

Okay.. Back to work! *whip sound effect here*

Hey Amber! Why not interview a true MMOG icon like FEAR!!!???

I bet I can get Amber to do my next "Love that Fear" commercial!

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