Thursday, November 30, 2006

Passing around the Love...

Oh yea! I am having some real fun this week. I stumbled accross another BV Follower trying to jack one or more of the original BV forums under a similar name. This time is is BV-Offline, ran by some dude going by Meursault and his partner in crime Leon. It seems to me that Someone had another bright idea and Meursault helped put it all in a nice shinny wrapper.

I find this kind of worship to be most appealing, much so when they even plagiarised the artwork for BV and once again attempted to set up a domain close to BV's called At first I found it to be cute, but then someone named Haze came along and reminded about the last attempt that was made to snag the true BV community out from under the rug... Anyone remember Well, I do, and it is these sick minds that make the Internet a dirty place.

I had to drop my IQ a few hundred points to tell them how much I miss them, but I gave them some love on their very own stolen forum... Ahh well, I can't blame them for wanting to be like BV, but some of those guys need to LET GO of the past and MOVE ON... Sheesh guys, you get banned once or twice and you lose your flippin' minds! ;)

So, to update on the IRL sitch... I don't know how, but I ran accross some ways to get my arse out of some of this mess. I was able to resolve the Karaoke equipment issue, the failing HDD issue and the wireless B issue on my laptop. I am now happily communicating on wireless G and not borrowing the neighbors bandwidth anymore! WOOOT!

I am going to get my license tomorrow afternoon and complete my equipment replacement. Then only thing left is what to do about Mrs. Fear... She's not easy to deal with, and I am affraid that she will only be worse when she finds out about me locating my amplifier at the music store.

Apparently, she took one of my amps in to have some channels repaired. They make a scratching noise when turning up the volume sometimes. She told me that she had taken it to another shop to get it fixed under her personal account, so I wouldn't try to get it back. Well, I walked into a different store, where I bought the amp, and there it was sitting on the floor with my name on it. I told them I would like to cancel the repair order, and take my amp home with me. Oops! Anyway, that was a load off my shoulders for sure.

I should be good to go by the end of the weekend if all goes well. If I can get a gig hooked up, I should be back in the saddle in no time. I found a guy that will work with me on getting a car set up too. I am just sitting back admiring my new accomplishments, and thanking Haze for reminding me to do just that!

Anyway, Thanks Haze, and all of you stealing bitches for making my life a better place to be then yours.


The Love Broker


mith said...

I don't understand how a community moving to a new message board after the old one's been deleted and shut down comes even remotely close to "stealing".

Fear said...

Umm Meur... A new message board with a similar domain name and the exact forum names is pretty suspect. It wasn't deleted and shut down. It was hacked and blackballed.

The only reason it wasn't back online sooner is because I wasn't able to get on the Internet.

Fear said...

Oh, not to mention that cool BV Blade symbol and the colors matching BV's PHP boards from 1999...

I like the new enhancements though.