Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas List Part One...

Okay, I have been working on some Christmas items for all one of you reading this blog. Here are some things I need to replace. If you can afford them and want to give them to me for Christmas, then bless your PVP heart!

Best bang for the buck! - QSC PLX-3602 - PLX2 Series Stereo Power Amplifier - 775W per Channel into 8 Ohms

QSC PLX3402 Power Amplifier 700W x 2 and 2,200W bridged mono [both @ 8-ohms]

QSC PLX3002 Power Amplifier 550W x 2 and 2,000W bridged mono [both @ 8-ohms]

QSC RMX4050HD POWER AMPLIFIER Stereo Mode Power Rating: 8 ohms: 800 watts, 4 ohms: 1300 watts, 2 ohms: 1600 watts Bridged Mono Power Rating: 8 ohms: 2600 watts, 4 ohms: 4000 watts (4 Space rack mount) Takes up a lot of space, and only 25 watts more then PLX-3602.
(All of the power amps are $700-$1000ish) Best buys are on ebay...

I need two of these: AKG D880M Dynamic Neodymium Supercardioid Handheld Microphone (These are what I had before, and haven't received back yet)
Or these: AKG D 9000 High Performance Microphone Buy 1 Get 1 Free
http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_akg_d_9000_high_performance_microphone_buy_1_get_1_free?full_sku=271142 (Not the greatest but 2 for one, you can't go wrong!)

3 of these: Planet Waves Swivel Mic Cable XLR (Male) XLR (Female) 30 foot preferred.

I need 2, 12 gauge, 50 foot, nutrix to nutrix speaker wires. These are about $50.00 each.

I also need a couple of external hard drives. Preferably Western Digital or Seagate. 300-500 gigs would be more then enough. I always wanted a teribyte drive, but that will have to wait a minute.

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