Thursday, January 4, 2007

Life Story Part 45: A new beginning...

So, for all two of you that are paying attention to my saga of woe... It is actually not looking so much like woe anymore. The snow has finally started to melt away, and there are good things in the air for me. Again, I would like to thank the Blathering idiots for reminding me of my accomplishments.

I had been getting ten to twenty texts a day from the "Ex" about many different things, mostly that we should get back together, which normally makes me laugh. And then on Christmas, she starts sending crazy texts about how I am online talking to women, cheating, etc. I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. Apparently, there are people that actually get on the Internet "watching" to see when I log into MySpace. Afterwards, a call was made to the Ex that I was "Online", and my computer savvy (NOT REALLY) Ex got the idea that this MUST mean I am talking to girls and getting many dates etc. Had the Ex read this BV page, she would know that I am not in fact talking to any women except for Amber Night, and even Amber doesn't know about it.

Okay, so I have heard the whole "You are a cheater, heathen" thing about 5,000 times already, and this time it just made me weary and somewhat annoyed. I decided that if people are going to talk anyway, I might as well give them something to talk about. Plus, I was bored stuck at home in the snowstorm. So, I went on MySpace and placed friend requests to as many people as I could find that I knew would accept me automatically. So far I have had about 40 positive responses to this. Of course I selected only the finest quality people with excellent marketing and networking skills.

Anyway, the gossip gamble paid off. I hadn't heard anything from the Ex in a few days, and then the drama hit the fan! Previously, I installed an IP tracker program on my site to see who was visiting my page. I got this really incoherent message from the Ex. Although the message is poorly typed, I tried to muddle through the context and understand what was just said. So, I checked the tracker to find out that it was in fact her daughter that had blown the whistle on me. Not to mention I had to laugh because of the mistakes made and the assumptions thrown out for no apparent reason. For one thing, her daughter's page is set to "Private" so I have no way of seeing who her friends are. The girls the Ex is talking about have hundreds of thousands of friends, not hundreds. Not to mention, they all know me personally cause I am like really cool and stuff. The kicker after the brief stint of name calling is the fact that even though I am all of those bad things the Ex mentioned, I will continue to be loved and trusted!

"i still love u but u are a backstabben twofaced lying demented cheating abusive dirty minded cradle robbing perverted pig. And lazy too". Hey! I resent that statement, I am not cheating!

Wow, what a woman! I dunno guys, but if you are that discusted by someone, in my book that means it is time to move on. I am apparently wrong in this matter, and will slap myself silly later. Of course, the end result is that the Ex's daughter updated the Ex's page to include some of the same "friends" to prove the point that they will accept anyone. Duh! Not to mention adding a few nude pics, which I could probably get the Ex's site banned for adding. Not to mention the fact that NONE of this should matter anyway since I have made it quite clear that I am NEVER coming home...

So, good stuff is in the works! I got a gig on New Years Eve and all went well! I hope to go back there soon. The club owner and I are negotiating some other events down the road. Yep, all is good. It's gravy!

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