Thursday, January 4, 2007

WTFMan Is Taking Applications.... LOL!

I thought they were long gone, but apparently Nighhawk is now taking Apps for web site personalities on WTFMan... That is almost as funny as me taking applications for BV writers again...

Nighthawk, please stop making me laugh! Our sites are all but dust in the wind dude... ;) WTFMan hasn't crossed the 3 post a year mark since 1999, but whatever floats your boat man.

Ahh, what it is to dream the impossible dream... However, I wouldn't mind hearing from Greybeard! I miss that old pirate. No one could kill in undergarments the way he did it.

Long live the fighters!

1 comment:

Azaroth said...

Hey wait a second, what the fuck about Azaroth?

Surely you'd love to hear from the BEST one, right?

Sup Fear :P