Thursday, June 18, 2009

Something Strange Is Afoot At The Circle K...

The last patch Blizz put out must have given the Warlocks a long overdue shot in the arm. Suddenly there are no DK's in the Battle Grounds, but Warlocks are out in large numbers decimating the landscape. What happened? I don't know but PvPers are up in arms about the new changes to Warlocks.

Speaking about PvP, what the hell is wrong with all these honor farming idiots? It is getting harder to have a game of Capture The Flag when everyone just stands around the middle and kills each other. I was really pissed one night when I personally grabbed and ran with the flag 10 times and no one on the Horde side would help out. When the battle was over, which we lost, The Horde fighters had accumulated a ton of honor above what I had done, but I did the most work to actually winning the game. There needs to be more incentive to carry the flag and protect it then there should be for just kills. There are plenty of BG's where you can and should just kill people, but Warsong Gulch is not one of them.

I guess I should just break out my warlock and upgrade my S2 gear before they put us back in the closet again.

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