Thursday, June 4, 2009

Okay Scratch That, Reverse It...

So, I am still fishing and rep grinding for the Kalua'ak or some tribe of Walrus that like to fish and have this really cool fishin' pole that I can get. I made a comment about fishing up monsters the other day, but I have changed my mind. They already have this. It's just that the monsters are already there. In UO, there weren't always hazards around and you had to spawn them by fishing. In WoW, there are plenty of dangerous places to fish including Wintergrasp, which I do fish there to get Terrorfish. Still, I think there is a lot left that can be done for fishing. It takes an incredibly long time to level fishing. Way more then most other professions I have tried. I maxxed herbs in 2 days and Alchemy in about 4 days, but that's because I didn't have enough money to just buy the skill all the way up. I think they are making some attempts to do something with the most mind numbing profession, but more dailies or something to motivate you even more still needs to be addressed.

Hazmat is getting a pretty good rep in BG's lately. Me and Warsong Gultch have had some fun. I keep getting achievements like killing over 100 flag carriers. Which made me realize, I am really aggressive towards those guys. I always hear comments about how I am doing good and chasing those guys (Enemy Flag Carriers aka EFC) until their team gets mad at me and plows me into the planet. I love it when they gang up on me cause I know I made em mad. One guy was so kind as to emote stuff to me about mourning my death and I made sure that the only name he saw in his attack frame the rest of the game was Hazmat! I enjoyed making him suffer, but that's just how I roll... Some idiot from Mal-Ganis was bragging how he was going to ironman the flag because no one could get it and I ran in there and waxed the healer so he could do it. He still bragged how he did it, but did include me as a small help. I laughed.

Anyway, let's see what can I complain about... Blizz had to do several restarts again on this small patch that dumbed down the DK's yet again. No problem though, I am still kicking some hiney and liking it. I still think Paladins are a bit of an issue. Those guys are so hard to kill and I can't figure out what the hell makes them stay alive so long. Any pointers on breaking them into powder would be appreciated.

That's it for now...

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