Thursday, May 28, 2009

Call me Fishin' Fear...

So, I broke down and decided to give Hazmat a couple of jobs, other then killing Allies. What better job to have for a PvPin', Arena scootin, Raider, like myself? Alchemy! Along with Alch, I took up herbalism to defray the cost of those nasty little herbs.

Then something really bad happened. I maxxed my herbalism in 2 days and I am about 420 in Alch. I decided to take on another profession for grins...

Fishing for teh win! I am actually doing me some fishing dailies, and getting some crazy looking fish in the lakes of Northrend. I still find that profession to be completely mind numbing, but the rewards are getting better. It would be nice to see them to keep enhancing that profession to include pulling a monster on the better loot or something to keep things interesting. Believe me, I have beat the crap out of some people with my fishing pole equiped and that in itself is FUN! Although it takes a hell of a lot longer without the Titansteel Mace. My only major complaint about the rewards is that this fishing daily bimbo keeps giving me "water walking" potions. Just for the record guys, I am a Death Knight! The ability to walk on water is built in! Dynamic rewards for the win!

I have just been chilling out, taking my time and playing as casual as I can. I am still not finished with Argent Tournament and my PvP gear, but if they are just going to keep making me upgrade every season, I don't see the point in going all out.

That reminds me about gear. I think at some point we need to cap the gear off and then just offer different sets of I-level gear. I mean in Burning crusade there was a choice of a couple of different sets and that was nice. I would like to see more of that going forward. Maybe five of each set or something so we can look a little different. Hey! How about letting us gain a skill for tailoring, leatherworking, and blacksmithing that would allow us to pick colors within reason?

I know we did in UO, and I liked it!

Anyway, that's all I got, for now... For the glory of the Sendori!

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