Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Raiding Career Is Over, For Now...

I quit my raiding guild yesterday. I decided that if I am gonna put Myd on hiatus, I may as well just jump out of the raiding guild. Then I decided I should just make my own. So, about 2000G later and a couple hours of begging people to sign my charter. Ebon Vortex was born. Yes, I was trying to do a DK/BV crossover thing. Don't know why, I just liked it. I got 4 tabs to stuff my own crap into which is awesome! I always wanted to have more bank space without buying bigger bags at 1000-2000 Gold a piece. I guess I could get my tailoring up more, but now I will have to wait and enjoy my guild by myself.

Argent Tournament is kinda leaving me with the "what's the point" feeling. The jousting was not like it should be and a little too easy to master. The only hard part is fighting the commanders on the gates. Those guys are almost impossible to solo. Sometimes people jump in and help bring them down which is nice. There is also this one where you have to fight a dragon and three crazy bombers. That one can not be done solo. The rewards and the rep grind is easier, but you are limited to only a few quests a day, so it is still a long grind. I got the Sword of the Sendori however, and the Hippograph mount is cool. If I can ever build up the 5000 gold to fly the damn thing, I will be happy.

Someone at Bliz likes fishing finally. Giving us the ability to fish anywhere and the chance for a rare mount has people stirring. I am almost tempted, although I am way too busy getting gear right now to worry about it.

Bliz did rolling restarts again all week long, so I don't know what the hell the problem is. I just hope one of these days we get some uninterrupted playing in.

That's it for now... Until next time....

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