Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Waiting For The Worms To Come...

A little accident happened on my older laptop a couple of weeks back. A friend of the GF decided to open an attachment from a friend which was actually a trojan virus. After several sessions of trying to kill this bug and get things working as designed again, I was left with the only choice of wiping and reinstalling everything.

So, I now have browser back and things are getting installed slowly but surely. I am currently waiting on WoW to install it's 6.5g WoTK which should include the original and Burning Crusade clients.

In game, still playing around with the Priest and the DK. I put the Warlock on extended holiday because the blue PvP gear has been upgraded to be better then my epic level 70 gear finally. So, I just have to figure out when I may want to spend the time to go and do those PvP sessions and replace all my gear again.

They also replaced Hateful Gladiator items with Deadly Gladiator items that will force me to upgrade some of my DK's gear as well... I have been doing better in both BG's and arenas lately on the DK. Season 6 started, and well, we didn't get off to a good start, but we are still better then we were in Season 5. I aquired enough arena points to get some blue gear, nothing too special, but it saved me hours of doing BG's.

I received the Lance A Lot achievement the other day for defeating one of every class in jousting. Those poor bastards just don't have a chance these days. I got the shield break and charge down to an art form.

Not much else to report. Lots of maint going on today. Hopefully I will get some playtime in before too long.

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