Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh And By The Way, Grow Up!

I was reading the latest drama post from Lum about Brad McQuaid returning to the industry after a long vacation and some dirt bike riding. After reading his page and the comments I saw on some of the sites covering this incredibly boring news, I came up with one thought. Grow Up...

Brad's vision as bad as it was, does not make enough of a dent in my mind to blame him for the entire MMOG industry failure and thousands of personal lives he supposedly destroyed in the process. Hey, the guy made some games, I didn't like any of em, but if you got fired from his project and have another job, then shut up. If you got fired and you still don't have a job, pick another career and move on. I am just getting tired of all the whining years later. I have been fired too, and believe me I hate to see it happen, but it does, so just get another job, leave Brad alone, have a coke and a smile. I won't play his games, but I don't need to bash the man into oblivion over it.


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