Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trip Like I Do…

I am somewhere in the level 43 range now. Finally, have a mount, and can move at just above turtle speed. I joined a PVE (leveling) guild, and these guys are just crazy. They know every single quest for every class, and can usually run you though anything in under one hour. It is insane watching these guys work. They go so fast, that sometimes I hardly have time to dot or sick the pet before it is all over.

They really make me laugh, because they will take me to a place I have never been, tell me to get all the quests, and them BAM we are flying all over the place doing all of the quests. Then, when it is all done, we all go back to town and chill for a couple of days sorting through eight million piles of stuff we acquired during the quests. I really enjoy that more then anything. I never had people so eager to go out and help in EQ. As a matter of fact, I think EQ restricted the levels or experience you could play with or something which ended up making me not able to play with my guild most of the time.

So, when I get done with my stuff I try to help others. I am making some decent cash now since I got over 225 in tailoring. I just wish I could ship bags to my horde characters. BUT NO!!

Warlocks are just the coolest! Anyway, see ya round…

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