Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Up the last part of the hill...

Approaching level 68... The road is getting longer, but the mission stays the same.

Now they are giving away a Zebra pet for getting the game, and subscribing for 2 months... Considering that I haven't even gone for my epic mount a second time, this looks good to me.. Would one of you please start playing so I can ride around you in circles while you WALK!? Thank you! Oh, we also get Friend Summoning, so I can make you come play with me whenever I want. Okay, I am just being cute, but I thing having a zebra would definitely be more fun then my Level 40 (oooh, now 30) mount.

Oh, I agree with Lum and everyone else.. The reputation system is the big SUCK. The confusing part is that there are so many people you have to grease to get anything, you could spend your entire life trying to get anywhere and be bored out of your skull to get it. Yes, Outland does pretty much make the old lands meaningless at higher levels above 60. I made so much gold over there, I would never go back unless I had to get something like my damn 60 epic mount.

Believe it or not, I am thinking about making a guild. Why? Cause I can, and I am sorta sick of my guild because no one is ever online. When they are, they don't want to go do anything. Now, I am still kinda busy, but I think when it is time for someone to get their just rewards, that should be done, and if they need to do it twice because someone forgot the quest, then they should do that too. hehe

See ya.

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