Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Patience young Grasshopper...

I am waiting for the realms to come back up on my day off, and decided to talk about some of the changes as of late.

I read this morning that epic mounts for Warlock and Paladin are going to be available on the trainers at 61. Well, that is all fine and dandy, but I had really planned on making a mint on selling Warlock runs through Dire Maul for the epic mounts. I wonder if all my tools for that long quest will still be in my bank, and will they still do anything? Maybe there will be an "epic, epic" mount at level 80 and my stuff will still be useful. Of course the Warlock epic was almost completely impossible, while the Paladin quest while similar was a heck of a lot easier. I had already bought training for my fast ground mount before I was able to complete the huge and terribly confusing epic mount quest for Warlock, so I would have been grateful to just go get the darn thing from my trainer.

I have switched to Affliction, and I am enjoying some really good PvP sessions with a fairly destructive set of Dots. Most mobs can no longer withstand my attacks and I can usually fight 4 or 5 level 69-70's and actually live. Before I was barely able to keep up with 3 of them. I have the Abyss Shard, so I am making use of that now with the Voidwalker for doing dailies, but I still prefer the Felhunter in PvP. I am not sure how well it is working, but the "perception" skill has been made passive, so I assume it is on all the time. We used to have to activate it for a 20 second burn and seek out those darn stealty Druids and Rogues. You also get some added perception from your Felhunter, so the enemy sneaking up on me and killing me before I can retaliate has become a little less annoying.

My tailoring is still at about 367 or so. Getting resources after level 360 has become next to extremely boring. I just don't have the will to go get 800 stacks of 20 cloth to produce 7 stacks of the cloth I need to level up the skill. I guess that is what seperates the tailors from the hacks. I just can't give that 100% of my time right now.

I am a little weary of the changes to the level cap. I just received all of the epic items for my warlock, and those will all likely become obsolete when the WoTK patch comes out. This is not really all that exciting for me. I worked many, many hours on getting that stuff just so I could be a little competitive in PvP, and I will probably have to do it all again. It would be nice if Blizzard would be so kind as to make some things "upgrade" via cash or some honor rather then have us re-aquire all of those items at a higher level.

I am excited about the new class though. I think it will be great right up until the first couple of nerfs, and then when they introduce another Hero Class character into the mix.

Well, that's all I can think of for the moment. Anyone looking for me can give me a shout on Norgannon. Try the Doom Forged Battalion guild.

See ya soon!

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