Sunday, November 29, 2009

King for a day, err Queen...

Myd On The Throne of Stomwind

I was taking the level 80's out for a spin this week trying to complete all of the achievements for the new Pilgrim holiday quests. I guess they just added these quests this year, but I was thrilled about one thing... You can build your cooking skill to max in about 2 hours.

My Warlock needed the most work in this area, so I started with her. She cooked and received all the acheivements except for Turkinator, Terrokar Turkey Time and Turkey Lurkey. I didn't realize at the time you need about 7 shooters to complete the Turkey Lurkey achievement, so I had to get all the shooters on the next day.

The first day I mostly worked on leveling cooking on any of my toons that were able, and also completed "Turkinator" on a couple of my toons. You have to kill 40 turkeys in either Elynn Forest or Tristfal Glades with 30 seconds in between each one. I did this in Elwynn with one of my lower toons, but once I hit Tristfal Glades with the DK, I decided that I would also take my Warlock there to finish that Achievement or "cheevo". Tristfal is flatter, and they lay the turkeys in a better pattern so they are easier to find.

A couple of days later I started to work on the last three "cheevo's" for both my Warlock and my DK on the Horde side. Pilgrim's Peril was fairly exciting but also very time consuming. You have to go to each enemy capital city and just sit wearing a piece of "Pilgrim Attire". I don't normally travel to the enemy capitals, so it takes a bit of time for me to figure out the best way to manage my running time.

The most interesting things I discovered were that the Alliance capital cities for the most part are easier to get to because the Alliance allows enemies to ride on the boats unmolested. You can not even get on a Hordie Airship without getting the wholey crap kicked out of you. I also noticed that most of the Alliance cities don't make you go automatically into being flagged PvP, where the Hordie cities were mostly all close enough to perma-flag you before you could sit down. I think Ironforge is the hardest to get to because of the narrow path up to the city and the guards crack you in the skull and aggro to you like a swarm of bees. It was also the only capital that I was forced to kill guards to finish the quest.

So, we get to Turkey Lurkey. You have to get these Turkey Shooters from doing the daily quests and then you have to hunt down one of each race's Rogues and feather them with the gun. Talk about fun? Well, is was fun to be able to shoot Rogues without any worry of retribution, but finding one of each one is not always so easy. For me, Dalaran is much too laggy and too much competition for capping one of the Rogues in the hiney. So, I did the next best thing. I went to all of the Newbie Zones for each race that I couldn't find easily and hunted them as level 1. Hey, it worked. Some of those guys are hard to find. Orc Rogue? I don't even know if I have ever seen one anywhere before, but I found em in the Newbie Zone. I also had some issues finding Dwarf Rogues. That one took me sitting in their Newbie Zone for about an hour checking each toon that ran by me and being stared at by tiny characters wondering what a level 80 Hordie DK was doing sitting out there. I would just wave and emote at them, but I don't think they could talk or emote back to me.

After that we went after the hardest of all the Pigrim cheevo's, the Terrokar Turkey Time. You have to kill the last boss in Sethek Halls with a Pilgram Hat and Pilgram Attire, Robe or Dress. So, I go there with the Warlock, and try to solo the instance, and that wasn't happening. I had to call in a couple of friends to help me out with that one. The Warlock is just a bit too squishy even in full PvP gear and a pet for the level 67 dungeon. I got it fairly quickly and then moved on to the DK.

The DK can handle up to about 5, 67 Elites without even having to pop a potion, but after that it gets a bit tricky. I decided not to clear the dungeon but only hit what I needed to get to the King. I knew the way because of doing it with my Warlock, so that also helped. I get all the way in there, and I get to the boss. I potion up, eat up, buff up and get out my Army of the dead to go kill this guy. I whipped him, but then I realized I forgot to change clothes. So, I got to do it again.

This time I invited a friend who also needed the cheevo, and we go in for a second time. We got to the first boss, which actually killed me the first time, because he saw my pet. To which, he brought all his pets and kicked me in the skull. So, this time, I dismissed my pet, and told my partner to go around. He didn't... He got stuck on a pole and got too close, so we had to do the guy anyway. The Pally is pretty tough, and we managed to burn the boss down fairly quickly.

We got to the last boss, and this time I told the Pally to change into his Pilgram garb, and we went for the kill. No problem for 2 level 80's to burn this guy to the ground. I got my cheevo's and my "Pilgrim" title. My partner wasn't as lucky however, he didn't have the hat on, so he didn't get the cheevo or title for Pilgrims. So, he decided he will just finish up next year, and I had to go anyway, so it was all good.

So, while I was doing all of this, cheevo chasing with my Warlock, the Hordies were busy raiding the Alliance Capital cities. I happened to be at a couple of them after the Horde had laid waste to their respecive Kings. I gladly jumped up on the throne and offered my service as the new King in Ironforge, but they mostly ignored me and went back to their business. In Stormwind I had a much better audience because there were about 4 DK's waiting to get the King to pardon them.

So, I jump up to the throne in SW and let them all know I was taking over and asked all of my loyal subjects what their new King could do for them. The first loyal subject asked for a port. I was like, "Umm, I don't do ports, NEXT!" The next loyal subject asked me for a pardon, and I replied that I wasn't quite ready to deal with that yet, but I would talk to my boys (The Guards) about throwing rotten fruit at the loyal subjects. They mostly just stood there AFK or whatever, so I started making jokes like asking them to stop just standing there starring at me. I wasn't getting too much of a response, so I decided to pick on one directly.

Mirkaba, was there getting pelted by rotten fruit and I told her she must have pissed someone off. She asked "What did I do?" and I responded, that I didn't know but I will talk to my boys about spitting on the loyal subjects. Another DK walked up and I tried to get him involved, but again, all I got was silence. I asked Mirkaba if she wanted to be King for awhile and she said "No, I'm fine". I said "I have to go anyway, come on up here and be the King!" So she agreed and I stepped down.

I turned to her, kneeled and said "All hail the new King Mirkaba!" Still, the crowd was quiet. These guys are like dead fish. So, I told Mirkaba that she should have a talk with her boys about spitting on the King, because that is just rude. I offered the King good luck and farewell before I logged for the evening.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I wish everyone could be as entertained by me as I can...

That's all I got. Till next time!

Myd On The Throne Of Iron Forge

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