Thursday, January 20, 2011

Way Back Machine: Ultima Online and Raph Koster... - One Interview To Rule Them All. BV Audio Episode #19 with Raph Koster who was the Lead Designer for Ultima Online when this interview was released on Jan. 25, 1999. This interview was the one that gave us the inspiration to create another 45 more shows before closing down in March 2002.

Thanks to Pete "Sir Adrick" Warner for this opportunity to make a difference in our game.

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"Back in the day" is very subjective, but I am talking about the one interview that made Battle Vortex a part of something larger then my own ramblings. The quality of the interview is not exactly up to par with today's standards. You will have to forgive me since I had to do this stuff before things like YouTube came along with easy to follow steps and built in streaming at your fingertips.

Raph Koster who is now a crazed super-conductor for online games, is really a very nice and gentle person who really wanted to create a "life-simulator" that doesn't get imploded by the people playing it. Maybe that is why he started his Facebook app business.

Raph said something to me once that always stayed in my head and that was the fact that I was playing his game right. That made me feel pretty darn good to know I could experience someone elses vision the way the intended for all of us.

Even though I haven't ever worked in the industry, I have been stalking these super-genious game designers around like glue since 1996. I have one-sided conversations with them on my blog, and up until recently, didn't mind falling off the face of the Internet. Well, maybe some day, Fear's name will return to the light, but for now, please enjoy my remix of Raph Koster as he was over a decade ago...

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