Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fear’s Game Review Score System (Beta) v1.0

Name of the game and what kind of game it is… MMO, Shooter, Etc…

Point system 1-5 on 5 points…

Help System (Simplicity)
0. No help system
1. Some help, but you want to scratch your eyes out.
2. Built in help by pressing F1 or some other key combination.
3. Help system or tips as you go. Still takes some work to find what you need.
4. Help system is text based, but fairly helpful.
5. Visual help as you go with the option to turn it off when you are ready.

Controls (Interface)
0. Controls are completely confusing
1. Controls are extremely complex and too many to map on a normal keyboard.
2. Controls are complex, but the main commands all fit nicely on your normal keyboard/keypad/mouse.
3. Controls are fairly simple and all work with a standard keyboard/keypad/mouse.
4. Controls are simple, but some mapping is required to make things comfortable.
5. Conrols are simple and easy to use with a standard keyboard/keypad/mouse.

Understanding the game’s menu system (Playability)
0. No one will ever understand this menu system. Delete this game!
1. The menu system is inconsistent and barely usable.
2. The menu system is usable, but should be re-vamped right away.
3. The menu system is usable. I hardly noticed any inconsistencies.
4. The menu system is fairly good. I had no real issues finding what I wanted.
5. The menu system is pristine! The team that put this together should be rewarded!

Grinding vs Emersion (How emersed will I be to keep the grinding off my mind)
0. The grind is so long, that I can not possibly play it.
1. The grind is long, and the emersion is boring.
2. The grind is not too bad, but you still want to shoot yourself after playing.
3. The grind is fair, but the emersion is less then exciting.
4. The grind is not an issue, I am excited to see where the game takes me.
5. What grind?

Replay Value (The time I will spend in this game)
0. I wouldn’t play this game again if you paid me.
1. I might play this game again if you paid me.
2. If I were bored to tears, I would play this game again.
3. I would play this game again given enough time to learn it.
4. I would play this game again because it has potential.
5. I can’t wait to play this game again.

Bonus points (Things I find important, that you may or may not find important)

A. Spam? Does this game encourage you to send unsolicited requests to friends?
0. Yes
1. No

B. Can you gain experience from multiple playstyles? (Quests, Dungeons, PvP, Crafting, Decorating, Auctions)
0. No - N/A (If the game only has one style of play or if I don’t know)
1. Yes

C. Does it have a castle for Fear?
0. No
1. Yes

My favorite thing about the game.

My least favorite thing about the game.

Total score: Max 28 Points!

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