Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New KIXEYE Game - TOME: Immortal Arena

A new KIXEYE game has finally been announced and currently in its alpha stage and approaching closed beta stage considering that it has already been accepting requests for testing. You can send a request here.

Is it another BYM/BP clone?

Absolutely not. It's an action rts game or MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Think DotA or LOL. KIXEYE CEO confirmed it in this thread.

Is it KIXEYE's first MOBA game?
Well no, under KIXEYE's old name 'Casual Collective' they made 'minions' a game that was in a sense a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game. Although it was a simplified version of a traditional action rts game.

The game was featured in the "Facebook Core Games 2013" video (below). 
You can skip to 0:55-1:01 if you like but I suggest watching the whole video.

Other thoughts?
I think it will be what you would expect a game like DotA would be of course with some changes here and there.

More news in the near future
Battle Vortex will keep an eye-out for any developments about this new game and other games in the future so stay tune. Don't forget to share this page and like our facebook page to get the latest news 


koko said...

TOME is unbalanced, crazy expensive guardians, uneven matchmaking. Bad game folks!

Javed said...

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