Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Plants Vs. Zombies: Adventures Review

It’s a new game while still being an old game. Plants Vs. Zombies is back and on facebook. We don’t usually give 'cutesy graphics games' some attention here at Battle Vortex but Plants Vs. Zombies is a cut above the rest. I heard about this game a month ago and got really excited. It was on its alpha stage at that time so I had to wait until the game is out of closed beta. Created by Popcap, a division of EA, the first PvZ game was one of their most successful game ever released. I finally got to test this new game out so here’s the review.

Official PvZ Adventures Logo
Unlike the original game, the game now has some elements from other facebook games like planting times, construction times and even premium cash but believe me, it doesn’t sacrifice the ‘fun’ in any way. It’s also now in 3d, zombies can now attack in different directions unlike the linear way of attack from PvZ 1. We also get to unlock more and more plants than ever before with a lot of levels to conquer. This is basically the most immersive gameplay for Plants Vs. Zombies to date! Right now, it looks like it has no end to it. We also have a neighborhood which functions more like your headquarters or a base, more on that on future posts. We also get an RV to explore maps or stages and unlock more things in other levels.
A screenshot of one of the maps. Each number is a level. Click the images to enlarge.
Like I said it has 'cutesy graphics', it doesn't look better than PvZ 1 but since this is a facebook game and a flash game then there has to be some notable sacrifices to graphics for better gameplay. But don't get me wrong, it doesn't look horrible in any way. Plus, all the plants are in 3d, you can actually rotate them to your liking. You can also arrange your neighborhood to protect your houses like a true tower defense game. It also features some short cutscenes that I like, see below. 
A screenshot of a level.
It's a worthy fb game for your time. You can play it now on facebook. I'm hoping Fear will consider having a swing at this game if he has time. Here's the link. I'm doing some tutorials on PvZ Adventures here and more posts about games in the BV site in the future so stay tuned! 

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