Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blather Down, BV's Of The World Unite!

So, I guess Blather is down today... Awwww... That must suck for them. I wanted to lose some IQ points, and that is where I usually go to get stupid.

I am having a great time these days with work and my new friends out in the country. I guess life just takes those turns to show you something is always better around the corner.

Anyway, my forum is up... I don't expect much of a rush to use it though. It's there if you need it. hehe

Oh, the radio-show thingy... Well, I haven't heard too much about it lately. They have been on other projects as of late, and I suppose we will resume when the time is right. In any event, I am ready to go. My schedule is a bit tighter now with the two jobs, but I can hopefully squeeze some time in for that as well.

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