Friday, June 29, 2007

Wierd, yet not...

So, I have this friend I have been seeing for awhile, and come to find out she loves EverQuest. Never heard of UO, or most of the MMOG's and really doesn't care. She loves her EQ and wouldn't have it any other way.

I found it to be sort of interesting that people can get into a game and never hear or even be curious about all the other choices out there. I of course played EQ, but I wasn't as in to it as she is. I think I was only level 27 or so when I left that realm for Asheron's Call, but apparently she is like level 60 or more. She has this crazy limited edition set of CD's in a tin and everything. I have like 3 of the expansion packs myself, but to see someone with the whole thing was kind of different.

She wants me to install the whole thing on my puter. I guess I might have to go see old Fearian in the land of EQ once more... It's got to be pretty cool by now right? hehe


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