Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Battle Vortex Audio Show Lives...

Like a blast of hot wind in your face, the BV Audio Show has been returned to the Internet by Viceroy of UO Radio!

Currently there are no descriptions of anything, but I will work on that over time here. Really though, do you need a description to hear the cutting edge commentary of Fear, Cyberwolf, Adrick, and Evocare? I don't think so...

Honestly, most of the archives are about 10 years old. Created back before we ever had cool systems in place like YouTube and Ishare. Back in the day I would make recordings on cassette tape, and then put them on the computer, edit them and add my own special Fear flavor to the mix. The quality was much lower then it is today, so you will have to forgive the sound. Everything had to be uploaded for the super fast 56k modem speeds that we don't see that much of anymore.

The link is now on the right hand bar under Audio Show Archives, or you can click below.

Battle Vortex Audio Show Archives

And guess what? There still aren't any transcripts for ANYTHING.. Muahahahaha! Sorry, that's a really old joke...

Oh happy day!

Edit: Speaking of old school, here is an Interview I did with Markee Dragon back in 2002! Visit his site to see how much has changed.


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