Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Has your WoW Account Been Stolen? Watch Your Email Account...

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Account hackers and gold farmers are getting more and more desperate and crafty about finding ways to get to your WoW account. I have even heard mention that the WoW authenticator has been bypassed in some cases.

I have a friend who's account was compromised a couple of weeks ago, and it appeared that they may have hacked the email account first, then changed the WoW account password so they could get in and strip the characters of all their gold and items. This all took place while she was asleep, not logged in to World Of Warcraft.

Besides getting the WoW authenticator, you can also protect yourself by using stronger passwords, and using different passwords for each account you access on the Internet. Let's face it, you just never know how or when something bad might happen, but if you spend a little time protecting yourself, the loss, if any, will be less. Another option is to use an alternate email address for things like games and non-essential things like Facebook or other sites you may use to store things like pictures or music etc.

I know these methods are a bit of a pain, but like I say in the video, you have to be as cautious with your Internet accounts as you are with yourself walking down a dark alley late at night.

Just some food for thought today.

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