Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cause Havoc, Not Grief... BYM Jumpers Fixes...

I am all for causing a rift in the space-time continuum, but let's not let it digress into pure "Grief Play". I made a video about "Jumpers" awhile back, to where I was a bit critical of their existence in game. I didn't fully understand the concept, but since my war with some lovely neighbors that spend 0 shiny, I have decided that Jumpers are a viable and even useful play style within the game.

My biggest problems with it right now is two fold. One, they still let you recycle your Map Room after you jump without the wait time and without a fee, and the instant "Drop" of outposts need to be addressed.

My feelings right now are this. The 7 day wait period to jump is too long. It is great for some people, but since they can recycle anyway, they really only need to wait for 4.5 days while they build a new Map Room 2.

My current suggestions are this:

1. (Curb the cheap jumping) If you want to jump to a friends outpost for 10k resources, then the delay to jump or recycle again should be about 48 hours unless you spend Shiny. (You may want to make this a little more expensive, up to 1,500 or 2k shiny just to keep things legit.) This facilitates a deterrent to rampant jumping, and allows Kixeye to monetize those that are in a hurry.
2. (Curb the Black Hole Effect) Once a Jumper or a Recycler leaves an area, then all OP's should fall to a "ownerless" state for 24 hours and all protection bubbles are cleared. (Maybe making a "Incoming WM's" user account that decays or jumps and drops the OP after 24 hours etc...) Meaning the OP's decay back to the WM's after 24 hours to where anyone can pick them up including but not limited to the original owner. This allows people to still clear areas of the map where the owner has vanished, but allows active members to choose to buy their land back or let it go back to the WM's. (Wild Monsters). It also allows friends or poachers time to pick up that land, which could be a cool aspect to see in the game.
3. (Open up inter-empire jumping) Another change I would like to see is that if you are moving yourself around your own empire, then there should be no delay in Jumping again. The cost is 30k resources to jump to your own land, and that cost may need to be raised at some point to slow down the huge empires, plus we can have up to 6 storage silos instead of 5, so maybe the cost should be justified by your TH level. but I think for now that's a pretty hefty price to spend and shouldn't impact anything. It also shouldn't clear any delays if they say jumped or recycled previously to go to a friends OP, that timer should remain in tact.

I believe that these changes will pick up the pace of playing, along with taking out some of the exploiting or circumventing the system to get shorter jump times. This way the Jump method is more desirable because it takes less then half the time of a Recycle.

This also gives the player a sense of urgency to log in every day which will help the numbers on the DAU. The feeding every day is just not enough incentive. If people feel like there is a chance that someone may have attacked them, they have a chance to regain their OP's, I think they would check every day to make sure they are still in tact.

I would also suggest that the "Radio Tower" also work on OP's. This little messaging system is crucial to Empire Builders to get the message that they need to log in and save the empire.

The number of strikes against an Outpost should be limited to once, or possibly twice a day but no more then that before it goes under DP. Making the Outposts more defended with weapons is great, but not when you get as many chances as you do with a full sized base.

I also think that all catapulting should be disabled with Outposts. There is no reason to allow the full force of a catapult loose on an outpost. All games that have Arena's or end game stuff like Empires, have serious restrictions to keep things on an even playing field. I would be open to allowing putty if you only get one attack, but twigs and pebbles need to go or be dramatically reduced for OP's.

These are just my opinions. Any comments, please post them below.

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