Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lum has it all wrong... PvP Done Right?

Well, after writing my long post about what was, I found that Lum had been poking around with the perfect country and western PvP game.

What you really have to do is some of what Lum (Scott Jennings) said, and somehow convince the other ninety percent of your playerbase to agree to be the victim at any time during the course of gameplay. Then you would have the perfect PvP system.

See, it wasn't the fact that they could fight each other or how as much as they weren't allowed to terrorize the unwashed masses anymore. That made them angry. Hence fourth Trammel was born, and the Trammies, Bluebies, and basically any other derogitory statement just short of the word pussies was born. They also like it if there is a way to take some advantage over the opponents. Don't forget to put that in too.

PvP systems in a game based over the Net may never be perfect... I don't think you can get more then 2 of the hardcore PvPers to agree to anything short of "I ROX, YOU SUX".

Anyway, that's my 2 cents... Nite!

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