Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The DK Collection...

Well, I decided to post my Male collection of DK's I have been running when I can't find anything to do on my own server... Well, not that there is much time for that, but when I get super bored, you will find me running around on one of the other Stormstrike realms. Occasionally I like to see what the other servers are like, and there is no better way then running in with a level 60 and checking out the action.

Plus, if you need to speak to any enemies or allies from those other realms after the BG's that is the best place to do it. Confront them head on I say. Like I said, in BG's often it is worse to read text from your own team mates then it is to hear something from your enemy. Our battlegroup has mostly normal and PvP mixed servers, and you know when the PvP server guys are online. According to them, their elite PvP server skills are unmatched by us low life normal server guys.

I'll tell ya what. I am almost wishing I had started on a PvP server anymore. It is not that bad, and I would rather run with guys/girls that like to do the same thing I want to do instead of hanging with the loot scooping, crazy raiders sometimes.

I see messages in trade now about how you can come on this pug or that pug, but they are rating your gear etc... I am thinking "what is the fun in that?" At the same time I am thinking it is 7 gold a pop for repair each time I die, and sometimes that can be a factor. But I think it kind of takes the fun out of pugging. I have been in raids with guilds that just need a couple pugs to fill out a 25 mix, and they have been the nicest folk on the planet. On the other hand, there are some guilds out there that insult each other to the hilt for not being on their "A" game, so it all comes down to who you hang out with.

I normally tell these guys, and I am sure they can tell by the PvP gear that I don't really know what I am doing in a raid situation. They seem to be all good with that in many cases, because they are so overpowered anyway, that I probably couldn't screw up.

Which reminds me about another topic. Tanks and Healers are the most wanted in raiding and instances because they do have a unique ability to make things happen. I am all about DPS because all I have to do is shoot at anything that moves, and if the Tank is good, then I won't become the target of destruction. But the tank has to not only shoot, but also must keep "all" of the monsters we are engaging interested in fighting only them. So, they play the "keep the threat" game with each monster, convincing them the Tank is the only threat in the room so I can continue my nice and damage free reign of terror. The Healer on the other hand is taxed with keeping everyone alive, mostly the tank, and I'll tell ya, that is not always an easy task. Choosing the wrong types of heals, or healing the wrong guy can cost lives and item repair costs start to skyrocket. I have noticed that there is a serious healer depression on my server, and I think that's just because the pure pressure of that job must be overwhelming.

I have tried being a healer of sorts with my Pally, and I actually do fairly well with a hybrid DPS/Healer. Xina is okay at attacking, but I am still not quite ready for toe-to-toe action there. I am missing the key ingredient "skill" needed to actually cut the competition to ribbons. My healing and distance attacks seem to serve me pretty well.

I have been working on a Horde healer a little bit, even though I find it to be extremely difficult. I know that if I ever get that Healer to 80, people will be throwing gear my way to get me in their raids. It could possibly be the best geared character I will ever have if I can get it together and make it work.

Macros are something I need to work on now. They are becomming increasingly more important in BG's where you need to drop things faster or pull of spell combos etc. I see these Shaman that can drop totems at lightning speed and I am thinking I need to be able to do the same before I get too far along... My Shaman, Leighlou is coming along nicely. So far she is one of my favorites for PvP combat. The Shaman have stopping power that is unmatched by any of my other toons, and can run in wolf form and drop totems as needed. It is definitely going to be interesting to see this character at high levels.

I don't know why, but I have been doing a little bit of the Headless Horseman dailies, and Mydnight is still low in unarmed combat. While I was waiting for all of the other folks to put out some fires for me, I went out and started building her skill in punching. The little level 5 wolves in Goldshire took me way into the 300's before slowing down to a halt, so I only have a little bit more to go now before she can punch her way through a concrete wall. Myd was sporting her Pirate costume, looking kind of cute.

I try to spend some time with all of the characters I am working on, and things are going slow. I have also been trying to level the new characters as PvP rather then doing all the quests, and that seems to be working well. My druid is the highest now at level 38, and my Mage is the lowest at level 22. I have found each class to have something I can use in either PvP or raiding, and I hope to one day have all of my mini-armada ready for Lagaran and some dailies for cash! WOOT!

Well, it's my birthday, so I am thinking I should try and get some WoW action in before the days end...


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