Thursday, October 15, 2009

One More For The Road...

You might say I am some what hard pressed to have one of everything, so I have went and created my fifth Alliance character, the Shaman into the Mix.

I really loved the Shaman in the level 19 PvP bracket just for getting flags. That's something my Lock rarely ever got to do. Dropping those little totems and running like hell is very fun. Most people forget to shoot the totems first anyway, so it was fun to be on the other end of that for a minute. Now, level 20, we will be taking a break from PvP to move into getting some gear for the level 29 bracket.

I absolutely love the Druid character. She is at level 32 now, and I am getting ready to take her into Theramore for some hard core leveling. The level 29 bracket PvP for the Druid was like mopping up helpless newbies. Probably contributed why I sailed from 28 to 30 in an afternoon. I even got a couple blue items off the Warsong vendor in Auberdine. I had no idea that you could by other gear out there that doesn't exist in the Hall Of Legends. It is the first time I have ever actually found the "real" entrance to a PvP arena, and was rather shocked to know there was other things afoot out there.

I was chatting with someone about the Lock's high-end pets the other day and realized that Blizz is still content with the Ritual of Doom. The quest to get this pet is long and painful. Then after all the pain you can never cast the deamon because it takes 4 people and one of them has to die. After one of you dies, assuming it isn't the Lock, then he/she has to enslave the deamon before he goes balistic and tries to kill everyone. I call BS on this spell. It is stupid to have to involve other people in a ritual where you may die, and why 4? So there is only a 25% chance the Lock will be the lucky one to get killed? I never understood that one, and it is why no one ever sees the deamon. Who the hell wants to pay for repairs for some dude to run around with a pet for 3 minutes? NONE!

I leveled my mage to level 22. This character is probably the hardest one to level, yet very powerful. I think I will like this character more as we move into the higher levels. The PvP for me and the mage wasn't all that grand. I felt like there was just not enough punch yet to go PvP so I skipped it for now. Maybe next round.

I don't really care for most of the races, so I kinda stuck with the ones I have something I like about them. The Blood Elves can silence as a race, and the Draeni can heal a little which is also something I like more then most other things.

Anyway, things are going good... I played a few DK's on some other servers. Maybe I'll get their mug shots for fun. Until next time...

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