Thursday, October 1, 2009

No Rest For The Wicked...

The thing I really hate about playing both sides of the fence in WoW is the fact is that they can't interact with each other even on the same account.

On the Alliance side I have my level 80 Warlock which has tailoring and skinning skills. On the Horde side I have my level 80 Death Knight which has Alchemy and Herbalism. The problem I have is that if I had those two together, they would make a great team for making money. The DK has all of the essences needed for the Warlock to make the really cool level 80 cloth. I can farm this stuff with the Warlock, but the DK gets them faster. I also need Frost Lotus that sells for almost 40G a piece on the AH that the DK can farm. Plus the DK can make all of the PvP potions and it would be cheaper to give them to the Warlock instead of buying them all of the time. Considering each of the really good potions sell for 25G a piece on the AH, I could save a small fortune.

However, that reminds me that Frost Lotus is the suck as far as farming. I usually have to cruise Wintergrasp for several hours just to get a couple of them. I think my last session of flying the landscape for them yielded me about 7 total. Some of this stuff, the Blizz folks put way too much emphasis on making you fight or spend huge amounts of time farming. For some, I guess it is no big deal to get from a dungeon, but not all of us find raids and dungeon runs that will yield a high volume of materials.

I am toon building more on the Aliance side right now. I am working on a Mage, Pally, and a Druid. The Pally just turned 20, so I went ahead and posted her pic. The Druid is level 26 and the Mage is still just 16. I think the Mage is the hardest of the three to level, but I am getting better at driving the toon doing the "stick and move" tactic of freezing my opponent, running back and then shooting the crap out of them.

I seriously hate leveling, but I now realize that the Blizzard devs back in the day were more sadistic then I could ever imagine. The pain involved in leveling characters in the early levels is horrible. Although, you do level faster, the types of things they want you to do and the "Epic" quests are just too time consuming. The Chistmas tree effect of going to a zone and seeing 20 exclaimation marks just leaves you with the feeling you are going to be in a zone forever. The number of times you are overwhelmed and killed is also a bit high for my liking.

Some zones aren't too bad, but on the Horde side when they send you to the undead zone to level from 10-20, and even with the blood zone in Exodar, you just get the feeling your life is going to end before you ever get to level 20 where they start to push you off to other places to level. Eventually you will all end up in the same places, and the tedium will be more intense as you will have to repeat a huge number of the quests per toon. I don't really like seeing a huge number of quests in one place, and I really hate doing the huge chain quests when you have to see the same guy more then a few times. I like the scenery and the types of things to do be more random and different to keep my attention.

So, for now, I am trying to get more "Alts" in the mix so I can possibly make some cash down the road without having to rely so much on purchasing mats. I have got some time before Cataclysm comes out, and I can't seem to keep up with the ever-changing PvP/Raid gear, so what the hell?

That's all I got...

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