Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Grass Is Greener?

Well, I suppose since my friend found out that I had moved a character to Moon Guard that I can talk about it a little bit.

I was on a secret mission to build a level 80 DK on Moon Guard so I can play with a friend that has some high level characters there. Well, I still have time to get to 80 before the date I had planned, but my friend saw that I had moved my main character Myd there because I left the confirmation page on the browser screen and forgot to close it.. DOH!

A few things are different here. First it's an RP server, which is very different then a normal server. You have people that actually RP and this server is also said to be the most popular server which seems right since it is FULL most of the time, and often you get to wait in a que to even log in.

I joined a small casual guild, and the GM isn't hardly past level 40 yet. He doesn't seem to know a whole lot about how things should work yet, but between myself and another guildie, we are keeping him on the right path.

There is a bit of ERP going on here which I was suprised to see, but it's like a train wreck. You want to close your eyes, but you can't tear yourself away from the entertainment value of it all. Goldshire here is loaded with duels and a bunch of naked people inside the inn. I have never seen so many people in one place anywhere before, and they have everything including table dancers and prostitution from what I can tell so far. Guild names like "Barely Legal" and "X-Rated". Now, I am not sure how far this rabbit hole goes, but that's not the only place this kind of thing goes on.

Silvermoon also has an inn like this with some ERP, however it is not as populated. Actually, Silvermoon here is really populated everywhere else. There are Blood Elves all over this place, which again, I had never even seen more then one or two Blood Elves in Silvermoon on my normal server, so this was quite the experience.

Outside of that, Moon Guard is quite fun with the exception of the Dungeon Finder. It takes a lot longer to get a PUG going here, but the BG's are lightning fast. I have not seen much of the inside of Wintergrasp here however. The Allies just don't seem to have their ducks in a row here like the did on the normal server. Horde seems to stay in control there most of the time.

Anyway, it's good to be here on MG... I'll have some stories later I'm sure. ;)

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SwobyJ said...

'Melkolm' here.

This server is crazy, and that's why I like it!

Yeah, random dungeons take forever compared to other servers. Too many people RPing I guess?

Sorry I haven't been available recently. Work has been crazy (8+ hour shifts, and I'm sleeping right after) lately, and I'm getting ready for a move, but this week I should be on a lot more :)

And I know I'm new, but my aim is for a guild with priorities in this order:
1)Social (no requirements, just good company!)
2)Assistance to guildies, newbies (like the mother of one I helped level from 1-5 the other day), and random players
3)Leveling. Will be more of a priority as time allows for me haha

You've proven yourself. Expect a promotion next time you log on.

My only other active alt is on Zangermarsh server and is on the blog guild (500+ members). It's purely social and awesome to just mess around on :P The picture there says it all!

My main is still my main though, and I am dedicated to getting Loremaster before Cataclysm hits. FYI levelling and even gear doesn't matter *so* much on a RP server overall, and many RPers just take items as they 'adventure'(in the stricter sense).