Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Parkin' On Zygna's Dance Floor...

So, Zygna has fixed a couple of issues that I thought worthy of mention. First off they made it so you don't get asked to publish fuel found while plowing until you stop plowing which is a big plus. They have also started to implement a "screen" or a way of shutting off all the timers and graphics when you publish so things do move a bit faster... Kudos to the team for coming up with some workable solutions to our FarmVille blues... They are still popping up a bunch of other messages about gems and stuff, that are totally being skipped by I am sure just about everyone. We still need some sort of fix there Zygna!

Now for the dark side of things... The garages are pretty messed up. Most of the problems are coming from the fact that they don't bring up the list of vehicles in any particular order when you "look inside" the garage structure. When upgrading, you may add some parts to your vehicle of choice, but the next time you add a part, you may see the garage say that the vehicle is fully upgraded when it is not. This happens most often when the vehicle you are upgrading ends up on page 2 or 3 of the list of vehicles. Once it says it is fully upgraded, you can't add more parts until you reload your farm.

I ran an experiment, and found that if you just remove all of the other vehicles down to 3 or less, then the garage is less likely to become confused and you can upgrade you vehicle as per normal. Once you are finished upgrading, you can put your vehicles back in the garage, and use them. Some of the pop-ups for finishing a vehicle are saying the wrong vehicle was upgraded, or it says the wrong number of plots you can now farm. Some of that may be due to the lag and they haven't fully streamlined how the garage mini-game works so it doesn't impact the rest of the system as much. The last "Official FarmVille PodCast" said that the maximum level you could take vehicles to is Level 4. I have not been able to test this on coin paid vehicles, but the "Hot Rod" collection can all be upgraded to Level 5, which is 4 X 4 Plots. Hopefully Zygna is already working on this stuff.

Not much else to complain about except that they seriously need to get the market stuff in order. There is still major lag and confusion while trying to tend to your spa, bakery, or winery. There is also a problem when you get the error message while trying to buy bushels/goods where it is supposed to give you back your coins. It says try again, but if you have purchased your limit, then you can't try again until the timer runs out. You need to refund the time as well as the coins guys!

Anyway, that's all I got for now... Happy Farming!

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