Thursday, August 5, 2010

So, How About A Preferred Friends List For Farmville?

Well, as you know, getting gifts from your real friends that play the game normally is almost impossible if that friend has a lot of neighbors. Much of that is due to all of the gift grabbers and game scrubbers, but I came up with an idea, that may or may not help out the cause of getting your gifts to the people you really want them to go to regardless of how many friends you have. This is the suggestion I sent to Zygna...

Perhaps there may be a way to limit how many people can receive gifts using "game scrubbers" by allowing us to set up 5 and 10 people "preferred friends" lists that we can use to make sure that the people we want to get prizes can get them.

Currently, you can change who gets them in the Facebook publish system, but that is fairly tedious and doesn't let us know if the next 5 or 10 people will get such an item. If there was an option to have a preferred friends list for the top 5 to 10 friends, and then allowing the overage depending on how many preferred friends you choose to be gifted to the general public. That would help greatly for people with a lot of neighbors, that don't want their true friends being left out of the loop.

Hey, I just woke up and it sounded good to me...

In other news, Farmville must be doing more updates. We have had our usual one or two days of normal farming, and now all hell is breaking loose again. The biggest issue for me to do is receiving my mystery gifts which presents a blank screen when I try to collect them from Facebook.

I almost feel bad about bitching about how crappy updates were on World Of Warcraft. At least we would get a break once in awhile. Maybe even get to play 2 weeks before they decided to wreck everything for a few days. I dunno, I think Zygna is having some serious growing pains, but since they keep making the game harder to play and too complicated for the average farmer, those numbers should come down here fairly soon.

That's all I got...

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