Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mr. Roboto... Domo... Domo...

Well, I have become efficient enough at killing players to collect shards on the Battleground. That's not much of an issue anymore. I hear there are some new arenas coming out with WoLK. The big debate in trade channel as late is whether they will erase honor or not. The latest rumor is that they were, but now they are not. Good for me.

Still working on gear and gems for the Glad-wear. Takes a bit of time, which I am sure is the plan. I talked to Kelly Kendred the other day and told her about my adventures. Seems many folks went to Conan to check it out, but we are banking that with the release of the Hero Class in WoW, many people will return.

I didn't try Conan, but I haven't heard any raving review on this side of the park, so I will probably pass over that one in favor of something else down the road.

Today was a good day for the Alliance. We were actually winning on most of the BG's today. I chalked it up to a full moon or the really good hordies decided to give us a break. Still way too much whining going on the Alliance side, but maybe someday, they will suck it up and just learn how to fight back. They have probably been saying that for years, but I still keep the faith.

PS, Blizz, please put a darn mailbox closer to the BG bosses... I hate having to walk real far to check my auctions while playing.. KTHX!

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