Monday, October 13, 2008

What else sucks...

So, I have this gear, called "S2". You can get this gear by spending a lifetime or two getting your buns kicked in PvP. Well, Alliance gets their buns kicked a lot. I have decided that if this were UO back in the 90's, the Alliance would be the Bluebies aka Great Lords, and the Horde is very much like the PK's aka Dread Lords. So, yea, I am on the wrong side. But the Alliance needs all the help they can get.

Anyway, my gear needs all these socketed gems to make em like all cool and whatnot. So I fill this gear up with gems, and I had one gem that I had received from a dungeon run. I think it was Underbog on heroic or something, but it had "Parry" as an attribute. I don't need parry as a Warlock so I determined I could use it for the other bonuses and just switch it out later. I finally get the money to switch out the gem and I found out why people don't like to do that. It destroys the original gem. Doesn't give it back, doesn't send you any money in the mail, doesn't do anything except destroy it...

Now I ask you, why the heck do they destroy the gem? At the very LEAST they should make it soulbound and give it back to you. Then you could give it to a vendor for a couple of bucks, but NOOOO! Anyway, I am dissapointed that they just waste a gem like that. This gem happened to be "epic" too, so it could have given me a couple hundred gold had I been allowed to sell it at the Auction House.

I was reading something Lum "The Mad Blogger" had to say about what zones you don't like and why. I can tell you volumes about what zones I like and do not. One he mentioned was Nagrand, and I was shocked. I think that is my favorite zone in the whole game. The ones I noteably hate, are as follows.

Silithus - Bug infested zone, and there is no way that I can tell other then to walk to it from Ungorro Crater. I don't like any of the bug quests, and most of the time I will skip it just so I don't have to deal with the bugs.

Zangarmarsh - Another bug zone, but the Naga there are like damn locusts and they are tougher then anywhere else in the game. I also don't really understand what the PvP is good for in that zone. No one ever wants to fight for it, many don't even know how.

Shadowmoon - Too damn hard to solo. I couldn't finish but maybe 5 quests in this zone, and still can't even at 70. I ended up going to Netherstorm to complete my training to 70... Netherstorm, even though it was easier, is actually too easy. Once you get to the bio-domes, it was like the developers just gave up on being original, and just started giving newbie quests. Kill 8 mobs, come get lots of money and experience, etc. So many of the quests were as if they just wanted to be done with it. Many people don't even realize just how easy it is in this zone. Many of my guildies that have been around awhile still insist on grinding the Eastern and Western Plaguelands, and end up going to Hellfire way later then they need to.

Eastern and Western Plaguelands were just not needed. They may have once been very important when 60 was the cap, but now, all that stuff they have there and all those very tricky quests are obsolete.

Anyway, I have not played every zone in the game. As a matter of fact, there are still many places I never even visited yet. I just didn't need to go there. I can't say I have any more fun then Nagrand though. I like to play there, and I love to help people get through that zone. I like to fight for Haala, and I love to kill the bosses there. I don't know, but I think of all the zones in Wow, that has to be my personal favorite.

Right now I am still working on the last couple of pieces to my S2 gear. Then maybe I will finally get the faster mount? Who knows.. 5000G for training is a bit much, but I just keep on grindin' away.

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