Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WTB Port to Monday Oct 13,th... Please PST!

Patch went in today as the major application to be prepared for the WoTLK. 12 Hours downtime, followed by an hour patching and getting ready, followed by all the Addons crapping all over the place, followed by server crashes and a rolling restart.

Someone let me off this train please!

Anyway, everyone had to respec their characters so I went for the old PvP favorite Affliction... Miss the pet, but love killing people really fast.

PvP is totally in chaos.. No one knows what the heck is going on in there, but one thing is for sure. We all die a whole lot quicker. Ranting about how Pally's and Moonkins are the new Daddies of PvP.. Rogues got a quick, long overdue bend over the virtual sink and pumped all night long, are no longer the biggest threat in BG.

This is just a quick down and dirty update. I have a lot of info to assimilate, and it is getting late in the day for me. I am sure there are tons of good things to say about the patch, however I am unable to recall anything at this time.

Please fix the server crashes, thank you Blizz!


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