Thursday, February 26, 2009

Freakazoids, Robots, Please Report To The Dance Floor...

Mydnightstar, my warlock is finally level 80. First thing to do was run a 5 man in Naxx and see what the hell is going on with this gear in PvP.

My warlock's gear is Season 2 PvP gear I believe was handed down from the arenas after a couple of seasons past. It is safe to say that I am no longer geared well for PvP. I don't know how bad it really is, but I don't see as many other warlocks wearing S2 gear as I did before in the battlegrounds.

I am getting pwned pretty hard in PvP right now, but I found some epic gear for this toon in Wintergrasp. I didn't realize previously how important this zone would become and it is obvious what happened to all the people in the older battlegrounds. Wintergrasp has badges and stuff you can get from being the winning team when the battles occur about every 2.5 hours. Once you win you have access to all of the cities resources which includes high-end vendors and a raid dungeon which I am sure is loaded with phat lewt and other things. I haven't been in there yet to find out.

My DK is still doing pretty good in PvP with nothing but my superior items I aquired from quests. I hear a lot of grumbling about how they will be nerfed in patch 3.1, but I don't know how it will actually play out.

Warlocks as of right now are not seeing much love. I don't think mages are either. I can disrupt people and once in awhile kill them, but most of the time, they just obliterate my arse once they become aware that I am right in their face.

Playing the Horde side of PvP has helped me greatly in understanding what it takes to win. While Alliance is very much a "defense" minded group, Horde is more about using force to just overthrow everything. Even at the cost of not leaving a soul at a base, the horde will just go in mass and powerdrive everything. They call it Zerging, I call it ganking, whatever you like to call it, this works most of the time.

Leading me to my funny story of the day. Last night I was playing Warsong just for fun as my warlock. I jump on my horse, ride out to the Horde base and get to their flag room. I wait. I wait for someone of a "tank" nature to come get this damn flag but no one was coming. So I thought, "What would the Horde do?". I picked that sucker up and started running. Now, I had a few dots show up on my screen of people wanting to help me, and I was very excited since I never pick up that flag for any reason being a clothy and all. But, they all vanished after a few moments and I was on my own for most of the trip. I get to the Alliance side of the zone, and run down the long main hallway to victory. I get into the flag room, and there are a couple of Hordies, so I turn back around and run towards the exit to the roof. I get into a slight battle there, I fear them and then I made my b-line to the flag platform.

Ten feet to go, I got obliterated. Well now I am excited because I almost made it. So, I try again. However, the Hordies now know I am a crazy warlock without shame enough to know I shouldn't carry that flag and they destroy me on site. On my way back to the Horde flag room, someone says "Hey Mr. Warlock, don't pick up the flag especially if you are wearing level 70 PvP gear plz". To which I responded "Oh, I am sorry, I didn't see YOU picking up anything". All was quiet as I headed out to the Horde flag room to see they had our flag about to be capped for the second time. There was a small battle going on in the room so I started to fire on the flag carrier and wham! The Hordie was dead and I got an achivement called "Save The Day". It is not an easy one to get based on all the requirements of "kill the enemy who is carrying your flag in the opposing team's flag room while the opposing team's flag is at their base, within their control." Pretty cool eh? I thought so.

Anyway, we lost the battle, but I know the guy that talked crap to me about my gear was at least put in his place over the fact that I got that acheivement, and I had the balls to carry that flag to victory no matter what the cost.

In other news, Darkfall finally released after not releasing because of an issue with pre-orders. If you would like to see why I probably won't be playing this one, and if you really like to have your IQ drop, then please watch this...

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