Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rollin With The Homies...

Well, not too busy lately. I have my DK parked for a few while I work the Warlock to 80 now. I find it difficult to be super motivated because I just did all of these quests once, and you know that is like WORK. So, I am almost to the home stretch at the last few bars of level 76. I can't wait to get cold weather flying.

I was reading this post by Jeremy Preacher where he was quoted as saying "Someone asked me “So what would you do if you had a forum with 5 million active posters?” and my immediate answer was “Shut it down.”"

I can only say that if you are able to get any good information from them, then give the community reps a big pat on the back. I have never ran any official forums, but I have run my own that eventually grew so large I had to get help from people to keep up with all of the noise. I eventually grew tired of reading my own forum, and when I finally left for awhile, they took the forum over and moved somewhere else.

I am glad that they did, because between all of the one liners and all the trolls, and sarcasm, I was hardly even able to discern between good information and bad. There were some smart cookies out there, but being smart and trying to keep the people on topic and not just talking out of their colletive arses became a problem I could not handle anymore.

I think the forums should be for information, not for complaining about what class got nerfed by what or just general trolling. If you can have that with a large number of posters, then you are doing something I never could. I salute you if ya do!

I always wanted BV to be the place the devs could come to get useful information and of course have some fun, but it never really worked out that way. The audio side of the site was much more controlled because it was just me and a few friends doing the talking, but when you let the general masses join you, then things can tend to get out of hand, and they do.

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