Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yea, I Still Role Play!

While reading some really ancient posts I made, I realized that I was once part of a really big role playing community. I used to talk to those folks that would be more of the type to stay in character and I even eventually took over an intire role playing town called Grimoire. It was a PvP based communtiy, but we tended to stay in character and have tournaments each week and had a good time.

I still do that in WoW, but not exactly like I did then. The guild I am in now on a "regular" server, doesn't really get the whole RP concept. They like to "level"... All they do is level. We don't even have enough 80's to raid or do anything really fun. For the most part when we do all of that, we have to go ask the big guilds if we can tag along.

My guildies all believe my characters are me in real life. Mostly that is because no matter what they ask me, I will always answer the question from the character's perspective. When I am a Warlock, I will answer as a Warlock, as a DK, etc. I don't really want them to know the me behind the keyboard because then they don't judge me as a real person. I want them to play the game with me because I am good at what I do and because I am fun, and crazy. They all think I must be a killer in real life because I am like the only one in the guild that goes to the Battle Grounds constantly. I am always telling them to come kill Hordies, or Allies with me, and they just can't believe how forward and talkitive I am.

We don't thee and thou much anymore, but the concept stays the same. I started a character on an RP server the other day. I wanted to see how big of a difference there was between the two servers. Who knows, I might like playing there.

I have also started a cardinal on a PvP server. I have been looking around to see where all my old jack ass "friends" are playing so I can go and see what they are doing.

Well, I will let you know what I find out.

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