Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Being Biased Has It's Advantages, For Everything Else, There's Mastercard...

Poor Darkfall... I haven't even played it yet, but the hits just keep on comin'.

Lum aka Scott is still cooking these guys over an open fire, and to be honest, Darkfall has a lot of hard acts to follow. I guess the bright side is that Lum has now bitched enough about the game for me to become interested in taking a look at it. Well, that is when I can find a copy of it to install.

I mentioned before, 1999 is back and the rise has come again. This time is a bit reversed then before, because last time, UO came first, then EQ. This time EQ (WoW) is there, but UO (Darkfall) has burst on to the scene to give those old PK's something to smile about again.

I am not so sure I am ready to re-live the pain that was UO, but I really did enjoy it when I played for FOUR YEARS... So, maybe I will just have to give these guys a chance at making this old PK smile once again.

If their maint schedule is not on Tuesdays, they may have a deal!

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