Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Okay, One Last Thing, Then I Will Go Play WoW!

As usual there was a little negative feedback to Lum's latest Darkfall post. To which Lum made a small comment that made my eyebrow raise...

"You know, no one threatens stuff like this when I talk about WoW or SL. I love how PvP games generate such *militant* loyalty!"

To that I say militant my ass! Those "Carebears" that Lum so gleefully defended back in the day were every bit as vicious as the most elite PK. Not only that, but they were so vicious that UO decided to jump ship and make a land dedicated to them.

Hey man, don't be so suprised. You wanna know why they get so fricken mad? Because developers with a similar mindset to your own keep taking the damn rattle away.

Stop shaking the baby! Then your life might see some relative peace and harmony.

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