Friday, March 27, 2009

Wintergrasp For Teh Win!

Lummy's latest interpretation of what Kaplan said about vehicles had something to do with Wintergrasp... I found that to be inaccurate. I do however believe this is to do with vehicles in Quests. The one thing I hated about the vehicles in some quests is that the vehicles were not all designed with the same functionality. The ones made earlier on in development were more difficult to operate then some of the later versions. The controls are not always obvious to the driver. Someone like me with a Warlock, already has a million icons on the screen and may not notice a couple they slipped in there.

Wintergrasp, is Blizzard's first attempt at merging the two end game arenas of PvP and Raiding. The awards for both of the higher end stuff can be obtained through raiding and then there is the arena awards, but that is really for the hard core folks that like to fight for glory rather then phat lewts.

Every 2.5 hours, you have to fight for the right of being in Wintergrasp, and the honor of getting to the raid dungeon for the really phat lewts, called VoA.

The only thing I can come up with is that maybe Lummy doesn't like Wintergrasp because he is playing on an RP server, and is in a large raiding guild, which I am sure has it's downsides for PvPing. Getting Wintergrasp for them may not be as much fun if they have a lot of resistence from the Hordie side, but I just can't see that as the problem.

Now, I play both Hordie, and Ally on a "normal" server. They are always fighting in huge raid groups to take control of Wintergrasp. Not because we like to fight, well I do, but they do it because they need access to the vendors in WG as well as the VoA dungeon which has some good stuff in it.

I have just changed my Ally to a raiding guild, and I asked them if they ever fight for WG or just access the dungeon and vendors, and my suspicion was confirmed. They don't care about the fighting, they just want the raid available.

But as far as I can tell, Blizzard has found a way to merge all of us together whether we need it or not. I find that although people may not want to do the raid part, like myself, or they may not want to do the PvP part, they deal with it and everyone really gets geared up and plays WG all day and all night.

I mostly agree with Kaplan's complaints, but I will be back to you on those later...

That's my 2GP, Cya!

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